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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Sept. 15, 2010


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Things continue to be exciting in Reilly Springs this week as residents are enjoying the nice autumn weather and cooler temperatures. “Have you noticed the ‘hazy’ mornings with fog?” asked one resident this week. “It’s a sure sign that autumn is arriving.”

“I can remember getting up before daylight and being in the cotton patch early, and we didn’t want to wait until the dew dried because that made our cotton weigh more,” said one of our elderly residents. “But those mornings picking cotton would always be ‘hazy,’ and you’d know that before long it would be hot and miserable, but you enjoyed the coolness just as long as you could.”

Speaking of cotton, we’ve got some cotton growing at the office. You’ll have to stop by and see it if you’ve never seen cotton growing. For something to have been such a staple of life in Hopkins County, it’s hard to find any cotton growing at all in the area nowadays. We have some traditional “white” cotton and some hybrid “khaki” cotton, as well.

Rhandi Stribling Fails said Debra had been to watch Alexis cheer at the middle school football game Thursday night, and Rhandi, Debra and their friend, Alice Parker, traveled to Wolfe City on Saturday morning to watch Braydon play football. Braydon returned home to Reilly Springs and spent the weekend with the Stribling family.

Congratulations are in order for both David Stribling and Marilee Fisher, as they are celebrating birthdays this week. They’re both getting old enough that we won’t tell how old they are (but we know).

Birthday wishes are also in order for Louise Martin of the neighboring Black Oak community, as she celebrates her 97th birthday today. Happy birthday, Louise.

Also, Michael Lawrence is turning 30 today, and Abby Lawrence Kirby will celebrate her birthday on Sept. 19. Happy birthday to both.

How ’bout them Wildcats? Many from our community were at Gerald Prim Stadium on Friday night to see the Wildcats’ spectacular win over Whitehouse and to attend homecoming activities. It was a great night of football.

Sunday afternoon and Monday morning was quite eventful times in Reilly Springs, as Terry and Leslie McCullough’s TMP Productions filmed a Pepsico advertisement in Reilly Springs. They used local actors and actresses. Imagine filming an advertisement on the banks of Running Creek with pumpkins, hay bales and potatoes, or catching the early morning sunrise in Vera Harrington’s pasture and trying to get dairy cows, intent on going to the barn for morning milking, to cooperate and stay in the background. Well, that’s just some of the things that were going on behind the scenes in the commercial as well as several still shots in the studio at the Old Church Gallery.

The advertisement will feature many of the food ingredients that Pepsico sells in their line of products.

On Sunday afternoon, Terry and Leslie wondered out loud where they could go to find a lady to use in the advertisement who could be holding some brussel sprouts, with pine trees in the background. Vera and I thought of Dorothy Thomas in the neighboring Sandfield Community. Vera and Leslie traveled to Independence Baptist Church and found Dorothy, who was more than gracious to be included in the filming. She arrived on Monday morning for the shoot in Vera’s pasture.

Monday morning, Alex Burney from Sulphur Springs appeared in one of the shoots and leaned just how hard it was to be a model, as he was required to rub dirt all over his new white shirt and had to have his eyes and face sprayed with water. “I didn’t realize how much work went into these shots,” said Alex. “But it was fun, and I’ll certainly do it again.”

The production crew also included Patrrick Blackard, who now lives in Mathis and has worked with TMP on many shoots. He is the “gaffer” and makes certain that all the lighting is correct, and many times runs a second camera. Then, our own Reilly Springs native, Brittany Harry, works with food design and make-up. She’s the one that got to spray Alex in the face with water.

Other models from the community included Artie Mae Bailey, Hannah Morrill, Luther McCullough, Aniston Attaway, and Megan Nichols.

Expect more about the commercial and the final product in a couple of weeks. Leslie said they plan on doing more local shoots, so who knows who you might find from Hopkins County in the movies?

Vera Harrington traveled to Waxahachie to enjoy Grandparents Day with Caroline and reported a great time. She’ll be returning back to Waxahachie today to attend Charlotte’s lunch.

Vera also mentioned that we have a new resident in Reilly Springs, Lynna Temples, who has moved here from Lake Whitney. Welcome to Reilly Springs, Lynna.

The Wallace family is celebrating the arrival of Ryker Slade Daniel, who was born on Aug. 28 weighing 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Ryker is the son of Slade and Kendra Wallace Daniel, and reports are that Slade is recovering pretty well. I did see him out making plans for a hunting trip on Sunday, so things are getting back to normal, pretty fast.

Word is that Ryker is already spoiled rotten and gets plenty of attention from cousins, Hunter and Stratton Salverino.

Courtney Wallace came in from College Station to see Ryker and enjoyed a nice visit with all of her family in Reilly Springs.

The Fishers are busy plowing and planting on their farm and report getting an additional 3/10ths inch of rain this week. J.R. and Vanessa are still visiting in Washington state and called home excited about visiting the fish market in Seattle.

Bryant Fisher was in Bonham today for a doctor’s appointment and Kendra Fisher spent the weekend welcoming her new nephew, Braxton Lane, into the world (See Miller Grove News). Word is that both mother and baby are doing great, and “he is the cutest baby in the world.”

Birthday greetings are also in order for Mary Koon, who celebrated her birthday this week.

Mary and her entire family will be busy, hosting a wedding this weekend as Kyle Koon and Misty Moss will marry Saturday night at Koon Lake in Brashear. Congratulations to Kyle and Misty. We all wish them many years of happiness.

I visited with Delores Miller Saturday at the Fall Festival Gospel Songfest. She reported that all of her family was “kicking” and busy preparing for the many Fall Festival events this week.

I was also reminded that Enola Gay has planned another Reilly Springs Jamboree for Saturday night in Reilly Springs. The concession stand will open at 6 p.m. with the show starting at 7 p.m. Talent will include the Ace Deuce Band.

Until next week, take advantage of the many activities provided for you at the Hopkins County Fall Festival. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety, as they serve us. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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