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Reilly Springs News for Sept. 8, 2010

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Folks in Reilly Springs are excited about a little bit of rainfall this week. “Maybe we can start plowing for winter pasture,” said Blake Fisher. “We need to get it in the ground, and hopefully we’ll get enough to soften the ground so we can begin to plow.”

“We’ve got some nice showers and it is still raining,” said Vera Harrington. “I don’t want to see any of the flooding that they’ve got in South Texas, but I sure would like for us to get a good general rain and some cooler temperatures to make farming much more fun.”

Tuesday and Wednesday’s rains were well received in our community after suffering from some hot and dry weather for the past couple of months. Things are ‘looking up when you can see rain dripping off the roof of the barn.” said another Reilly Springs resident.

I heard from J.R. and Vanessa Fisher this week via the computer. They have arrived in Washington state and are enjoying a visit with her family. They traveled through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California and Oregon as they visited points of interest on the way to Washington, and reported some breath-taking scenery.

“We’re having a great time, and seeing some really beautiful country,” reported J.R.

“And we labored on Labor Day,” said Blake Fisher. “With J.R. gone, Dad and I had extra chores to do on the farm.”

“But Kendra was out of school, so we solicited her help on some of them,” added Blake. “We’re just really excited about the rain in Reilly Springs.”

Kendra reported “getting in the groove” of the new school year and looking forward to a successful year at her new position in Yantis.

Speaking of Yantis, the Lady Owl volleyball team and the neighboring Lady Eagle team from Como-Pickton both competed in the Cumby Tournament over the Labor Day weekend.

Many from this community were in Como on Friday night to watch the football game between the Como-Pickton Eagles and the Winnsboro Red Raiders. It was a great and hard-fought game that was won by the Red Raiders, but everyone was proud of the extreme effort made by the Eagles.

Speaking of friends, Lavyn Sisco certainly made mine and Kelly’s day on Thursday of last week when she showed up at our office with a warm chess pie. That solidifies a friendship in the greatest way. I even broke my diet and enjoyed a big piece of the delicious pie. Thanks, Lavyn, for thinking about us.

I also heard from Wesley Hurley of Wills Point this past week. He was seeking some information on his family in Reilly Springs. Wesley met with Ronny Glossup, and they traveled to the Reilly Springs Cemetery, where Ronny “witched” for some graves and located them.

Wesley is the great-grandson of John Wesley Hurley. They located graves for May Hurley, Victory Johnson Hurley, Ardell Hurley, and Cecil Hurley in the Reilly Springs Cemetery, where he has plans to place markers.

Of course, Ronny’s wife, Anita, has family buried in the Reilly Springs Cemetery and is familiar with many of the families in the area. Wesley reported an enjoyable trip to Reilly Springs and visiting with family and friends. He’s hoping to gain more information about his relatives in the area.

Wesley asked me how the Hurleys from Reilly Springs were kin to the Hurleys at Yantis. I’ve lived all of my life near both groups of the family but really don’t know how they are connected. Does anyone have the family connections? I’d like to know, and Wesley would, as well.

Roy and Yvonne King enjoyed a Labor Day weekend trip to New Mexico, where they reported a great time.

Meanwhile, those from this community that traveled to Clinton, Ark., for the Labor Day weekend, saw some rain in Arkansas, as well. They were attending the 25th Annual National Chuck Wagon Races.

I came back with over 1,100 pictures, so I’ll be more than happy to show them to you, but there’s still something to be said for actually being there and seeing the races and all the excitement.

Thanks to David and Debra Stribling for transporting me in their wagon and getting me a good spot to take pictures.

The Striblings and other friends from Hopkins County arrived at the races in Arkansas on Thursday and camped out in the “Buffalo Pasture” before attending the races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon, so I just got to see the Sunday afternoon races, which were the finals.

I didn’t see him, but Kory Koon, was also in attendance at the National Chuck Wagon Races, in Arkansas.

You can only imagine chuck wagons coming off a steep hill at break-neck speed, with a team of horses or mules, a passenger, and an outrider attempting to mount his horse and get ahead of the wagon. There were wrecks aplenty and some of the wildest races you’ve ever seen. Wagons broke apart, wheels ran off, and outriders got bucked-off, in the races that certainly got “Western.”

The weather was wonderful in Arkansas and the action was “non-stop” as races such as the Oklahoma Land Rush, Buckboard Racing, and the Snowy River Race, as well as the classic chuck wagon races were accomplished. Then, there was the Bronc Riding and Fanning, where the rider was turned out of the chute on the open prairie and required to not only ride the bronc, but “fan” the ride with his hat, to qualify for points.

Residents from Reilly Springs met up with several others from the Como, Pickton, Pine Forest, and Dike Communities, and teams were competing from neighboring Leonard and Trenton. It was a wonderful weekend of Western fun, with music concerts, equine events, and camping fun.

It was announced on Sunday afternoon that there were 6,232 horses and mules at the event, making it the largest equine event in the nation.

“You better get your motel reservations now if you plan on going next year,” advised David Stribling. “The races fill up the small town of Clinton and all the surrounding towns, with approximately 30,000 people coming for the annual Labor Day event.”

Until next week, continue to make plans to celebrate the Hopkins County Fall Festival and its many activitie, and pray that we continue to get more rainfall. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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