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Reilly Springs News for Sept. 2, 2010

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The news around Reilly Springs is that we actually received 7/10ths of an inch of rainfall this past week. “It certainly was appreciated, but we just need lots more,” said Vera Harrington. “I got a half an inch one day and 2/10ths another, according to the guage, but it was ‘dried up’ nearly before it fell. We really needs some more, as everything is burnt up.”

Vera was making plans to go to Waxahachie for a visit with Mary and the girls later in the week and hoping to “get a little bit of spoiling in” with the granddaughters. “We’ll meet up with Mitzi and all have a good time,” advised Vera. “And they may all come to Reilly Springs for the Labor Day weekend for a short visit, with everyone out of school.”

Community college students reported having their first day of classes at both PJC and Texas A&M University-Commerce on Monday, as the fall college term begins. One student reported driving all the way to Commerce for an 8 a.m. class on Monday, and the teacher didn’t show up. “I wish he’d let us know before I drove all the way there,” said the student. “But at least we didn’t have any homework.”

Meanwhile, Kendra Fisher reported a great week at her new position in the Yantis ISD, as did Carla Walters. Both Kendra and Carla are new with the system this year. Kendra is teaching math and Carla is the new Spanish teacher. Best of luck to both of them for a successful year.

With the crops all “burnt up” and the cows not giving much milk, J.R. and Vanessa Fisher decided it was time to take a “belated honeymoon.” They left this morning for an extended trip, driving to San Diego, Calif., where they will travel up the scenic Pacific Coast and arrive at Vanessa’s hometown of Tacoma, Wash., to visit with family and friends. “We don’t know for certain when we’ll get back,” advised J.R. “Hopefully, we’ll have time to see the coast and enjoy visiting with Vanessa’s family, as some of them didn’t get to come for the wedding.”

“At least, we should experience some cooler temperatures,” expressed J.R. “And maybe it won’t be quite as dry as its been here in East Texas.”

Blake will be “tending pigs” while J.R. is gone, as J.R. has a new litter of his “exotic pigs,” born the end of last week. “J.R. picked a fine time to leave.” said Blake. “He left me and Dad babysitting a litter of his pigs.”

Sympathy is extended to the Imogene Bussell Heard Allman family. Imogene passed away last week with graveside services held at the Reilly Springs Cemetery on Saturday morning.

Well, I went by and visited with David Stribling for a few minutes this morning, and he’s getting things prepared to leave for Clinton, Arkansas, and the National Chuck Wagon Races, over the Labor Day weekend. “I didn’t realize how much trouble it was to move all this stuff to Arkansas,” lamented David. “It was much easier when I just hauled my horse up there and rode, rather than having to take a wagon, harness, a team of mules, and then all the horses. I’m almost tired before we leave.”

“I know we’ll have a fun time, once we get there and see all of our friends, but it’s a job to get everything ready for a trip of this magnitude,” continued David. “And the wagon will be great to see everything that is happening.”

The annual Chuck Wagon Races in Clinton are attended by a number of people from Hopkins County, as they take their horses and all their gear, camp out, and enjoy a variety of concerts, events and visiting. “Hopefully, the weather will be nice and cool for the weekend, and we can have great trip,” said David. “I like to watch the races and see all the excitement. You have to be superb horsemen, to participate in the races and the wagon masters must show their skills before entering the races. It’s an exciting event and something everyone needs to see at least once.”

On Wednesday morning, as I welcomed in the month of September and was headed to David Stribling’s place, I spied a doe and fawn at the County Line Church, as they were grazing in the yard. They were too fast for me to get a good picture, but they were really pretty as they grazed in the early morning coolness. The fawn still had her spots and both of them tried to “blend in” to the scenery and not be detected.

I heard from Muleshoe this week, and they all reported having a great beginning to school and making adjustments to a fall schedule. “I think I’m going to have to trade my suburban for a ‘mini-bus’ to deliver all the kids,” expressed Jan. “With four grandkids in car seats, it gets to be tricky to get them all buckled in. Jana and I took them back and forth to school and the places they needed to be last week.”

Birthday greetings are in order for “Dentist Dan” today. Danny Lawrence is 28 years old. Happy birthday, Danny.

Mrs. Elma Crouch received a nice visit on Tuesday from Melvin and Barbara Crouch. They met Joyce McDonald and the trio went to visit at the nursing home and enjoyed lunch in Sulphur Springs.

Some from our community were in Celeste on Friday night, to watch the Como-Pickton Eagles bring home a convincing win. Congratulations to the Eagles.

The Wildcats will be traveling to Garland on Thursday night, and the Eagles will be hosting neighboring Winnsboro on Friday night, in Como.

Meanwhile, many of our community are following the Lady Eagle Volleyball Team and the Yantis Lady Owl Team. Those young ladies are working hard and competing on Tuesday nights and in tournaments on weekends. Make plans to go out and support the kids as they do their best.

Also, many from our community were in attendance at last weekend’s Hot August Night BBQ Cook-Off and Concert. Congratulations to the members of the neighboring Arbala Fire Department, who won the Bucket Brigade Contest. They were mighty tired after carrying buckets of water as fast as they could and dumping them in a tub. “It certainly makes you appreciate pumper trucks.” said Autry Darden, following the contest.

The Labor Day weekend is traditionally, the “last hurrah” before everyone gets settled into a fall schedule. Many from this community are anticipating a trip over the upcoming weekend, while others are making plans to host family and friends for a cook-out. Others still have indicated that they’ll be making a trip to Canton for the monthly Trades Days, if the weather is cool, and then some are planning to go to the lake or other destinations.

“Sounds like the weather may be spectacular,” said one resident. “Hopefully that cool front will move into the area and we’ll have great weekend weather.”

This is reminding everyone to have a safe and wonderful holiday this weekend. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Hopkins County and America.




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