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Reilly Springs News for Aug. 18, 2010

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It remains hot and dry in Reilly Springs as our community continues to experience triple-digit temperatures. With no sight of any measureable moisture in the next few days, these are the typical “dog days” of summer we experience almost every August. “The dogs are definitely in the shade in Reilly Springs,” said one of our residents, this week.

Meanwhile, life continues to go on despite the heat. Almost the entire community was on hand to offer J.R. and Vanessa Fisher best wishes on their marriage Saturday. The ceremony was conducted in Sulphur Springs with a lovely reception at the Fishers following. Guests arrived and enjoyed a respite from the heat, along with refreshments, while they were able to meet Vanessa’s family and friends.

Everyone took pictures and wished them a wonderful life together, as they enjoyed visiting with one another and catching up on the latest community happenings. “Isn’t it a shame that we don’t sit down and visit with one another more often?” asked one of the guests. “It takes a wedding or a funeral for everyone to gather and visit.”

“But I definitely want to visit in the shade,” continued Fred Fisher. “I don’t know if it gets a little bit hotter each year or if I can’t take it like I did when I was younger.”

“How did we ever manage without air conditioning as a kid?” asked Fred. “I know we had ‘winder coolers,’ but they couldn’t have been much help with heat like we’re experiencing now.”

“We didn’t know any different,” replied another community resident. “And I guess ignorance is bliss in some situations.”

How many of you remember going out and “watering down” the fan? For those of you too young to remember “fan days,” it required that every so often you went outside and ran water over the burlap lining of the “water cooled” fans, and filled up the tray with water. I can remember that rust sediments were common in the water tray of my grandmother’s fan, and we’d have to be careful not to “stir up” the rust, or it would stop the flow of water that was siphoned into the fan.

I have to agree that we “simply didn’t know anything about air conditioning” and thought that the water fans were simply great. We just operated with the best that we had and went on with life. I’m sure it was just as hot back then, but we “made do” with what we had.

How many of you can remember having to fill ice trays to make your own ice? Most of the young people have been reared  with an automatic ice maker in the refrigerator and know nothing about having to fill the trays and keep them filled to have ice for something refreshing to drink. But, lemonade or ice tea never has tasted so good, as when you had to make the ice to cool it.

And, watermelons were never as good, as those that you took to the Ice House in Sulphur Springs and let them get good and cold before cutting them. Can you remember the old Ice House on Oak Avenue? It was a real treat to go and take your watermelons there to cool and to get some “ice shavings” in the summertime. Some simple pleasures in life have just “faded away” with modern technology.

And, speaking of technology, I was reading an article, this week, that denoted that the Class of 2014 (those entering college as freshmen this fall) had almost never worn a wristwatch, they’d used their cell phone or the computer to find out what time it was, all of their lives. They have also seldom used a phone with a cord on it. Yes, they’ve been reared in a world of cell phones and had to go to their grandparent’s house to use “an old phone” that even had a cord. Times certainly are changing.

Today, almost everyone has a cell phone and continues to correspond via text messages and few of the youth can find a need for actually sitting down and writing a letter or a term paper, as all of that is done via computer.

The 2010-11 school year is upon us. Teachers returned to school this past Monday and students will report next Monday. Folks in Reilly Springs are getting school supplies, school clothes and making last minute preparations ready for opening days of classes. Several have reported shopping trips and others are “packing in” those last days of summer freedom with activities.

Remember to watch for the school buses on Monday and make certain that the children’s safety is paramount in your mind as you go through school zones. Everyone will be excited, and consequently some may not be pay attention next week.

Here’s wishing everyone in the community a very successful school year.

Saturday night, the neighboring Como-Pickton Eagles hosted the Cumby Trojans in the annual “inter-county” match-up of football teams. Both teams found strengths and weaknesses to work on this weekend, before scrimmaging with other teams this Thursday night, when Cumby will be traveling to Celeste, and Como-Pickton will host Union Hill.

Meanwhile, the Sulphur Springs Wildcats made a great showing on Saturday morning with their match-up against Lindale. A large group of local fans came out to support them as they braved Saturday’s heat. The Wildcats will be hosting Terrell on Friday night at Gerald Prim Stadium.

Many of our community residents enjoyed a weekend of Professional Bull Riders action Friday and Saturday night in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center as they saw “rough and tough” bulls best many of the bullriders. It was an exciting two nights of “non-stop” action and thrills, as top cowboys matched their skills against some really “rank” bulls.

Many commented that they especially enjoyed the bullfighting skills of the PBF Bullfighting Tour. It was a great weekend of entertainment and has everyone anticipating the return of the PBR in 2011.

Then, if you haven’t been busy enough, plans are “shaping up” for the Hopkins County Fall Festival. What promises to be one of the greatest county fairs ever, is “crossing its T’s and dotting it’s I’s” for a grand opening on September 10th. Get your stew pot greased and make a few “batches” of Hopkins County Stew to get ready for the contest on September 18.

This year there will also be an added attraction of a Fish Frying Contest to accompany the last Saturday night concert. So make plans to enjoy fish before attending the Star Night attractions.

I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails, this week, and she reported that on Friday night their family enjoyed a birthday celebration at Oak Valley Catfish Kitchen in Yantis, celebrating the birthdays of Marla Gilbreath, Rick Gilbreath, and Donna Gilbreath. Debra Stribling made one of her famous Italian Cream Cakes for the celebrations. Then, on Saturday, Debra and Rhandi were among those who attended J.R. and Vanessa’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Ol’ David Stribling is greasing and “packin’ wheels” on his wagon, getting ready for the Labor Day Weekend trip to Clinton, Ark., for the annual Chuck Wagon Races.

I also visited with Vera Harrington this week. She, like all of the rest of us, is hoping for a little bit or rain. “Things are getting mighty dry around my place,” advised Vera. “And, the heat certainly has the dairy cows suffering and me suffering too.”

Vera reported visiting with the granddaughters and helping Mary get them ready for school. “It’s a busy time of the year, and everyone is attempting to get things ready for school.” advisedVera. “I’m certainly glad I’m not having to ‘hit the books’ next week.”

Until next week, take advantage of the “tax free” shopping days and get everything ready for school. Attempt to stay cool and make the most of the last few days of “summer freedom,” with a trip to the creek bank for a fishing expedition. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and make it all possible, as you pray for them continued safety and a safe trip home.

Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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