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Hot weather seems to continue to be the topic of conversation in Reilly Springs, this week, and the rain that we missed last week. While Sulphur Spring got a nice “shower,” our community

virtually got “a few drops.”

I guess we shouldn't be griping, as this is the “dog days of summer” and we experience weather just like this every year. It will make us appreciate the wonderful autumn weather when it arrives.

Meanwhile, everyone in the community is getting ready for school to start, with shopping trips, purchasing of school supplies, and all of those necessary errands that must be completed for the “big day.” Volleyball, football and band and drill team practices are already going and many of our neighboring schools in Yantis and Como-Pickton are already having volleyball games and scrimmages. The school year is upon us!

I visited with Patsy Bolton, this week, and she reminded everyone to have their vaccination records updated and completed so that they could start school; they must be completed before students can start school, this year. There will be no tolerance for this school term.

I had a nice visit with Vera Harrington this week; she reported that her sister-in-law, Betty Price, had been dismissed from the hospital. Betty is recuperating at home now and doing much better. Vera had also been to Waxahachie to visit with the granddaughters, who like everyone else are getting ready for school. Elizabeth may be driving to school most days, so we'll have to see how that evolves.

I also visited with “the honeymooners,” Blake and Kendra Fisher, and they reported a wonderful time on their Mexican cruise to Progresso and Cosumel. “Wonderful beaches, great weather and we hated to come back,” reported Blake. “But, duty calls and cows need to be milked.”

Meanwhile, Kendra is getting ready to go back to school and will be getting things ready in her new room at Yantis ISD this year. Time is truly “ticking away” for teachers, as most of them begin on next Monday.

J.R. and Vanessa are working on last minute details for their wedding this Saturday. Much of Vanessa's family will be guests in Reilly Springs for the weekend and share in the joy of this event. Congratulations to J.R. and Vanessa, and best wishes for a wonderful life together.

And, if you're not involved in the PBR events in Hopkins County this week, there is something wrong. There are a world of opportunities for you to “catch the PBR spirit” and enjoy one of the main performances at the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, on Friday or Saturday night, or attend a number of other events scheduled throughout the Northeast Texas area, where you can personally meet the bull-riders and bullfighters, as they make personal appearances. This is a great opportunity for our community and provides an unprecedented entertainment venue for a town the size of ours. Take advantage of the many opportunities.

I visited with Coach Greg Owens yesterday; he advised that we won't have to travel for Saturday's Wildcat Football Scrimmage, as Lindale's new stadium is not complete, and the game has been re-scheduled for here in Sulphur Springs on Saturday. The scrimmage will begin with the varsity teams at 8 a.m. Come out and support the Wildcats as they begin this year's season.

I visited with Yvonne King for a few minutes at the auction on Tuesday night, and she reported a full schedule of activities. We also had a few minutes to speak to Justin Owens, who is working at the auction on Tuesday nights as well.

Folks, I have a book recommendation for all of you. The book is entitled “A Strong West Wind” and is written by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Gail Caldwell. Imagine my surprise when I opened the book and she began discussing her father's formative years in the Reilly Springs community. Yes, Gail is the daughter of William “Bill” Caldwell and the granddaughter of Pink Caldwell of the Reilly Springs Community.

Gail is a literary critic for The Boston Globe, and has written this poignant memoir of her experiences being reared in the turbulent 1960s and 1970s.

She was reared in Amarillo, but made many trips as a child to her grandparent's farm in Reilly Springs (where Junior Hinton lives today). Gail, like the rest of us, truly has a rich heritage in Reilly Springs and was “reared” on some of the very same stories that we all remember our own parents telling about this community.

Gail had been told the very same story that the rest of us had about the Reilly Springs watermelon farmer who had to sit on his front porch with a shotgun for a number of nights to try to keep the boys from stealing his crop. Finally exhausted, he'd conveniently posted a sign in the edge of the “patch” that read “There is a poisoned watermelon in this field.” He'd gone inside, confident that his watermelons were protected, with the sign, and had a good night’s sleep. However, to his dismay the next morning, the youth in the community had marked through the sign and it now read, “There are TWO poisoned watermelons in this patch, NOW.”

This story, like so many other references, truly lets you know that Gail is “a Reilly Springs girl – at heart.” You're sure to enjoy the read and possibly learn some of the history of our community, that you don't already know.

I especially like the story that she told about her grandmother, the daughter of Dr. McLeroy who  wanted to marry Pink Caldwell. Her grandmother weighed a mere 90 pounds and her father told her that she could marry Pink when she got to weigh 100 pounds. The smart young lady dressed in her heavy dress and petticoats and proceeded to go soak in the creek, and came back and got on the scales, weighing just above the 100 pound mark, and a wedding shortly followed.

Meanwhile, “history” is being made as I write this column. Little Hallie Lawrence, daughter of Danny and Shannon Sartin Lawrence, is working on making her presence into this world. Hallie should be born today;  she represents the seventh generation of her family to live in Hopkins County. (Bless her heart, she doesn't realize the burden she's being born with.) No, truthfully, she's blessed to be surrounded by family and friends to help guide and protect her. She'll be a true blessing to us all. Welcome to this world, Hallie.

Jan and David Lawrence arrived from Muleshoe last night for the big day, and Danny has already told Jan that she must stay for three months to help change diapers and take care of Hallie. Let's just wait and see how soon he sends her back to Muleshoe.

And, it is wedding preparations that are being made at the Koon household. Kyle Koon and Misty Moss will be wed on Sept. 18, and plans are underway for that great event. Misty didn't even have to “go soak in the creek” to “catch” Kyle. Congratulations to Kyle and Misty.

Several in this community are working on their Hopkins County Stew recipes for the upcoming Hopkins County Fall Festival stew contest. As little as you think about it, this year's 2010 Fall Festival begins a month from today. We'll be eating stew, going to quilt shows and the many other activities we enjoy at Fall Festival before too long. And, I know it is hard to believe, but we have actually had some very nice autumn weather for the Fall Festival. So, say your prayers that this year we have an early autumn.

Meanwhile, the David Stribling family is “working on wagons,” in anticipation of taking their wagon to the Chuck Wagon Races in Arkansas for that annual event on Labor Day weekend. We're attempting to get Debra to race the wagon, but she hasn't really “bought into the idea” — yet.

And, Enola Gay called and wanted to remind everyone that she will be hosting another Reilly Springs Jamboree on Aug. 21.

Until next week, continue to stay cool and count your many, many blessings of life here in Hopkins County. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for an extra measure of safety and safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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