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Reilly Springs News July 14, 2010

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Folks in Reilly Springs are sweltering along with everyone else after the more normal hot an humid weather of summer has somewhat returned. “The rain was awfully nice, but I just don’t seem to deal with this heat,” saidi one community resident. “It’s so humid and we’ve been ‘spoiled’ for a couple of weeks.”
Several in our community have recorded up to three or four inches of rain here in the middle of the summer. “How long has it been since you can remember everything being this green and lush in mid-July?” questioned one grateful resident. “My hay meadows and pastures are growing, but then that means my yard is too.”
I visited with Junior Hinton on Sunday, and he reflected that their hay meadows looked wonderful and they were a couple of weeks behind, having been delayed by the recent rains. “If we can get it cut and put up, looks like we will have some wonderful winter forage,” expressed Junior. “That is if the grasshoppers don’t get to it before us, and if this cooler weather doesn’t bring on the Army worms.”
It seems like there is always some kind of threat to prevent you from making a crop.
Marilee Fisher reported that they had a wonderful trip to Nashville. She allowed that much of the town had already been repaired from the damage received by the recent floods, and that they were working on the Opry House, while they were there.
Meanwhile, upon their return, J.R. and Vanessa reported a very nice wedding shower on Sunday afternoon. “We want to thank everyone for remembering us and it was so nice to meet all of the many friends from Hopkins County and even out-of-town,” expressed Vanessa.
And, of course, everyone was excited about meeting Vanessa and learning a little bit about her at the shower, as well as visiting with neighbors and family members that they don’t get to see real often in the hurried pace everyone seems to live with.
Marilee and her mother, Ethel Winton, will be headed to Wichita Falls, this weekend, to attend Ethel’s high school class reunion. They plan on meeting with several other family members and make a real “reunion” of the trip.
The Fishers also report “a world” of peas that are ready. “We’re ‘up to our eyeballs’ in peas, with the recent rains,” said J.R. “Seems like they are growing faster than we can pick them.”
Rhandi Fails reported that she, Debra, Baylee and Case made a trip to Tyler on Saturday morning for some shopping, and then returned for Rhandi and Case to attend the fifth birthday party hosted for Landon Burkett. On Sunday, Rhandi and Debra were among the group that attended the shower for Vanessa and J.R.
You may have missed Vera Harrington this week. She joined Mary and the granddaughters for a trip to Vicksburg, Miss. While in Vicksburg, they stayed at the bed and breakfast owned by one of Vera’s cousins, Nelda Sempé, and took the girls out on the river, to the Vicksburg battlefield, and to other points of interest pertaining to Southern culture. Reports are that they had a wonderful time and that Vera didn’t leave too much money “at the boats.”
Vera and her group then drove on to New Orleans so that Elizabeth could see “The French Quarter,” but she reported that she wasn’t “as impressed as she had hoped to be” once she had seen it.
Then, it was back to work as Vera, like most other local farmers, is attempting to get some hay cut, once most of the rain has left the area.
Caroline Burns returned to Waxahachie, following their trip, and soon “packed-up to travel to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, with a school group, so she didn’t have much time to recuperate.
And, Elizabeth was returning to anticipate getting her “real” driver’s license in a couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, you’ll want to make plans to attend the local Main Street Theater Summer Youth Production of “The Princess and The Pee.” Playing the part of both the King and the “Crushing Boar” is Triston Pullen. Try to go support these youth actors, as they learn all about the theater and work hard at learning parts and memorizing lines.
Rain prevented a “smashing success” of the First Annual Reilly Springs Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, but members of the Reilly Springs Community Center Board are planning another one in the fall, when the weather is maybe more predictable. “We uncovered a world of local history in preparation for this event, and we feel that everyone will benefit from learning about it, as well,” said Kenni Jo Wallace. “We had some great clues and places for everyone to find out about as they made their trek looking for items.”
Among the stops on the Reilly Springs Scavenger Hunt, included the Old Dipping Vat, Violet’s Well, the site of the Reilly Springs Dynamite Caper, and three marked graves in the Reilly Springs Cemetery, that had historical significance. “I never had heard the story about the little boy who died after  being run over by a wagon, back in 1872, or the young girl who died in the New London School Explosion in 1937,” said Carla Walters. “I pass by the cemetery every day, but had no idea that such history existed.”
Meanwhile, I hardly think that Carla is thinking about Reilly Springs history this week, as she left for a vacation in Hawaii. She left Mack behind to “tend to the chickens” and he plans to join them later on.
Also, congratulations to Carla on being named the Spanish Teacher at Yantis High School for next year.
Reilly Springs resident Sandra Glenn was busy last Saturday, as she helped with the Hopkins County Genealogical Society’s Annual “Lock-In.” She reported a very successful event and that many people from out-of-town were here to do family research. “I think everyone had a great time, and got loads of research done, during the marathon weekend,” reported Sandra.
You’ll also want to denote that Reilly Springs will be hosting another Reilly Springs Jamboree on Saturday night, July 17. Reports are of a number of entertainers already lined-up and some more that have plans to come. The concession stand will open at 6 p.m., with the music show beginning at 7 p.m. Come join your neighbors for an evening of quality entertainment.
If you haven’t made your plans to enter the Lake Fork Catfish Classic, time is running out. The Catfish Festival and Fishing Tournament are scheduled for July 24 and 25. Fishing will be featured on both days at Lake Fork. Saturday, July 24, is when Yantis will host the Catfish Parade. Following the parade, the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department will host their annual fish fry, with plenty of catfish and all the trimmings. Our community is serviced by the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department on many calls, so make plans to support their fundraising efforts.
Until next week, I’m sure most of us will be busy cutting grass in one form or the other. Count your blessings that we’ve received nice summer rains and remember our troops who defend our freedoms. Ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.



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