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Reilly Springs News for June 23, 2010

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“Extremely hot” leads the news this week from Reilly Springs. Like all of Hopkins County, our community is “sweltering” in the heat wave that is affecting all of Texas, and it doesn’t look like there is much relief in sight.

“I’m busy praying for rain and some relief from the heat.” exclaimed Vera Harrington. “It’s extremely hot and we need some moisture for the pastures and hay meadows.”

Reilly Springs residents were busy this past Saturday. Several attended the Northeast Texas Dairy Show while many were participating in a number of other Dairy Festival activities. Some chose to attend the “Meet and Greet” activities at the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office, and almost everyone was back in town Saturday night to attend the finale of the Dairy Festival, as Bailee Petty was named the 51st Annual Hopkins County Dairy Festival Queen. Meanwhile, there were reports of a large crowd at the Reilly Springs Jamboree. Folks are going to have to get their schedules together where there aren’t so many conflicts!

On Monday night, members of the Reilly Springs Community Center Committee met at Kenni Jo and Sandi Wallace’s home to discuss the upcoming Reilly Springs Scavenger Hunt planned for July 10 as a fundraiser for the Reilly Springs Community Center. The event is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. at the Community Center. Participants will pay a $25 entry fee per car, then will receive a list of items to find in our community and all the way into Sulphur Springs. Teams will then return to the Reilly Springs Community Center, where lunch will be provided as part of the entry fee.

Scoring will be on a point system with varying amounts of points assigned to each find. The team getting the most points will win the top $250 prize. Second prize will win $100, and third prize is $50.

Tickets to enter the Scavenger Hunt can be purchased at my office or at Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe on the downtown square.

We’re all working on some great “items” to be found in our community and striving to find some of our historical sites that will provide fun things to collect.

For example: Did you know there was a cache of dynamite found in the Reilly Springs community back in the 1960s? It made the news, and folks throughout our community were worried about it blowing up. As the newscasters made their way to Reilly Springs, local law enforcement officers guarded the cache. Eentually the dynamite was detonated in a huge explosion. Do you know where the dynamite was found? Do you know where it was detonated? You might find a clue if you do your homework and search for the sites of these events .

Look for more clues in the coming weeks as we build up to the Great Reilly Springs Scavenger Hunt on July 10.

Rhandi Fails reported that she and Case, Debra and David Stribling, and friend Katie Yates had visited friends Mark and Patty Brumley in Pickton on Saturday.

The Stribling family had a huge Father’s Day feast for Cody and David that included homemade ice cream. Following the feast, everyone went for a wagon ride through the southern part of our community.

Last week the Striblings treated Joyce Gilbreath to a birthday dinner at Oak Valley Catfish Kitchen in Yantis, and Brayden Stribling was a guest at David and Debra’s while Lexie and his parents were at church camp. Then, Case Fails was treated to a trip to Chuck E Cheese by grandmother Linda Alvis, Laura Teer, Hannah Teer, and great-grandmother Mary Attlesey. You gals are going to spoil that boy rotten.

Sympathy is extended to the Paul Antrim family on his passing this week. Paul was a friend to all of us in Reilly Springs since he married one of our own, Georgiana Shelton. He has frequented this community for approximately 60 years and was always an inspiration to us all, as well as a friend to youths all across Hopkins County. Paul will be sorely missed by everyone.

Vera Herrington visited her sister, Marie, on Saturday in Wills Point. Marie is doing much better after a recent stay in the hospital. On Sunday, Vera had a nice visit with Bobby and Betty Price. They reported that Vickie Price and her daughters were in Memphis, Tenn., checking out a school for Jacqueline, who has been invited to attend there next year. Jacqueline has attended Booker T. Washington School and has been accepted at the private school in Memphis for the next year. Congratulations to Jacqueline.

I visited with Terry McCullough this week, and he and Leslie are planning their final sale on Saturday, June 26, at the Reilly Springs Art Gallery. They plan to have the remainder of the items in their storage building available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. They’ve been cleaning out and offering some really nice items to downscale their lives. You’ll be able to shop in the convenient, air-conditioned gallery, and they promise to have guns, antiques, a poster bed, gently used and fashionable clothing, and loads of housewares. You will be sure to find something you need. Terry and Leslie are busy this week in the heat getting all of it ready for Saturday’s sale.

I heard from the Fishers this week, and they have a large variety of farm fresh produce available. They have cucumbers and squash available now, and the peas should be ready around the 4th of July, according to Blake. Plans are to have their store open in the next few weeks, with a variety of items available when the peas are ready. Meanwhile, you can also purchase their fresh produce at the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays in Sulphur Springs. Who knows? They might also have some clues to the Reilly Springs Scavenger Hunt, too. You never know.

Joyce McDonald is anticipating a return visit by Jan and David Lawrence this weekend, as Jan will be returning for her class reunion scheduled for Saturday. Joyce said they were planning on arriving Thursday for an extended visit with family and friends. How many years has it been since you graduated from high school, Jan? Man, it must be rough being my OLDER sister.

We’re conducting an experiment at the office, this summer. We’ve got some cotton growing, with hopes of harvesting at least a few bolls this fall. It seems the hot weather is just what the cotton plants ordered. They seem to be thriving, so maybe we’ll “make a crop” by the time autumn gets here.

Many of you can remember when the cotton crop in Reilly Springs was the center of attention throughout the summer months as the entire “cycle of life” was determined by what needed to be done in the field.

Cotton had to be chopped to get the weeds destroyed and then it was “laid-by” with a final plowing, and then a few weeks of rest could be had before the fall harvest. During those weeks of rest were the family gatherings, the church revivals, and the trip to Sulphur Springs for the County Fair. Cotton was about the only “cash crop” in our community and provided money for school clothes, Christmas gifts, and all those things that couldn’t be raised and manufactured on the farm.

I’m excited about watching the plants grow and having a glimpse of the cycle of cotton production.

Until next week, continue to find ways to stay cool and count your many, many blessings here in Hopkins County. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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