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The Reilly Springs Community experienced some “pioneer living” over the weekend, as many in our community were without electricity from Friday night until sometime Sunday. “We cooked on the grill, burned candles, and learned what it was like to be without a television," exclaimed one youngster. “Did people really live like that?”
Some even had to get ice to prevent the food in their refrigerators from ruining.
Rhandi Fails said they were entertained by a 3-year old and took the option of going out to eat for most of their meals while they were without electricity.
Meanwhile, across the road, the Fishers were busy hooking up their generator to keep the cows and goats milked and the meat cooled in the freezers. “The electricity went off about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday as the storms moved through, and it was about noon on Sunday before it was restored,” advised Blake. “We had to scramble to keep the freezers going and then move the generator to the barn to milk.”
Several downed trees were about all of the damage that anyone reported, but the intense lightning and thunder was a show to behold, according to most residents.
Bryant Fisher is in Washington D.C., this week attending a dairy farmers meeting. He’s expected back later in the week.
J.R. Fisher advised that he is about ready to put 1,000 tomato plants into the fields in anticipation of the summer growing season. Is Reilly Springs going to be the new “Tomato Capital of Texas”? Jacksonville, watch out.
A few weeks ago I mentioned some photos that had been brought to my office from the Reilly Springs School, back in the 1940s, from Doyle Williams. Mary Koon made it by to identify most of them. Included in the photos were Mary, Doyle, Patsy Morgan Gibson, Leroy Wilson, Mary Noles Cheek, Jack Hamrick, Teacher Shannon Hefley, Betty Starrett, Mattie Lou Crab, Buddy Funderburk, Mildred Owens, Wanda Galloway, James Earl Miller, and two teachers, Mr. Pickering and Orena Fielden.
Mary also remembered several of her classmates who were not pictured: Elsie and Shirley Clark, Dorothy Birchfield, James Birchfield, Ruth Birchfield, Pete McDonald, Francis Starrett, Bobbie Jean Starrett, Betty Starrett Story, Jubal Starrett, Doyle Starrett, Francis Ponder, Robert Earl and Judd Wallace, Lela Bell Cook, Dewitt Pritchett, Nell Wilkerson, Ardell Pritchett, W.C. Laney and Madeline Williams Funderburk.
Other students at Reilly Springs School during this time included: Bobbie Williams Wilhite, Jesse Moody, Dan Moody, Joy Lynn Moody, Jo Ann Moody, Jackie Moody, Jo Amos, Clarine Amos, Jenine Vanginault Shearer, Orvil Fowler, Wendell Hathcox, Mary Helen Pogue, Agatha Pogue, Von Ray McCauley, Herman Jones, Sybil McDonald McClendon, Sarah McDonald Boyd, Nell Williams Furney, Nettie Lou Reed Gammill, Dorothy Reed Hinton, and Oma Faye Owens.
As you can see, the Reilly Springs School had many students, back in the 1940s, and a full slate of teachers. “Some of our greatest memories were going and playing basketball at the county tournament and in the other small communities across Hopkins County," recalled Mary. “It was a great time to be growing up in Hopkins County.”
I visited with Vera Harrington a few minutes on Monday. She was busy working on repairing one of her rent houses so that it can be rented. It was the two-story house next to the dairy barn at the home place. I went on a tour through the house, and it brought back some distinct memories as I made my way up and down the stairs. For some reason the stairs in the house used to be much, much bigger.
I can remember playing “hiding-seek” with Mitzi, Mary, Judy, and Greg and Vickie Price on those stairs years ago. I laughed and told Vera that somehow the house must have shrunk.
Vera related that she remembered her and Dreyfus and my Mom and Dad all eating supper in the kitchen as Daddy and Dreyfus built it onto the house. They had just gotten black and white television with a 7-inch screen back in 1955 and thought they were really “uptown” to be able to watch television. My, how times have changed in the past 55 years.
The classic “Dreyfus Harrington story” that goes around my family is that when they were building the kitchen on the two-story house, every time Dreyfus would come to a good, straight board, he’d lay it aside to use later in the dairy barn and choose one of lesser quality and not so straight to use in the kitchen. We know where Dreyfus’ priorities were, don’t we?
“That may be the reason I’m out here repairing on the house," said Vera. “You don’t see me working on the dairy barn, do you?”
I can even remember Dreyfus and Vera living in the Fielden house up on the highway for a time, and then they lived for a few months in “downtown” Reilly Springs.
Speaking of downtown have you maneuvered through the cones on the downtown square this week. I visited with Sandi Wallace for a few minutes at Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe, and she reported seeing a little bit of everything from her window as folks made an attempt to navigate the downtown square. Just remember that the businesses on the downtown square need our patronage as they undergo all of the construction.
Sandi, Heather, and the entire Wallace family were involved with delivering more than 700 lunches Saturday for the Women’s Conference at First Baptist Church. Reports were of a great day for those women who participated.
I visited with Wanda Alkire for a few minutes on Tuesday, and she related plans for the Reilly Springs Memorial Day Committee to meet on Thursday night this week. Leslie McCullough has graciously volunteered to host the meeting at the Reilly Springs Art Gallery, and it sounds like the committee has already got some great ideas for a program. Wanda ran by a name for a speaker that she was hoping to get that would combine several families in the community and provide us with a truly great program. She was hoping to get him booked this week.
Several of you may get calls in the next week to fulfill duties on the program. Please accept the invitations, as everyone enjoys a program that has community flavor, and the stories that you can impart are what makes the day such a success.
Mark your calendar and make plans to attend this year’s Reilly Springs Memorial Day Service, on May 16th. This will be your opportunity to visit with family members, former neighbors, and school mates, for a great day.
Joyce McDonald had heard from Oleta Coppedge McDonald this week, and she’s hoping to make it to the services.
Last week, we failed to mention that Tonya and James Ross also attended the funeral of Ray Norton in South Texas. They traveled via another automobile, but made the trip, according to Delores Miller.
Mary Koon allowed that she’s looking forward to a visit and “spoiling session” with Landri and Sam Lawrence this weekend. Jandi will be bringing them with her from Muleshoe. Everyone in the family looks forward to a visit with Landri and Sam, and we might even get some pictures while they are here. Does anyone know where the bluebonnets are blooming pretty?
On Tuesday night, I went to the Veteran’s Memorial Fly-In, at the Sulphur Springs Airport, and I didn’t see Jesse Williams. I’m sure he was there, as he is an avid aviation fan, but he must have been lost in the crowd.
Also, remember the Sulphur Springs FFA Project Show and Auction on Saturday night, and a great show will be put on by the Northeast Texas Choral Society on Saturday night and twice on Sunday afternoon. It will make for a busy weekend if you participated in Relay For Life on Friday night.
Until next week, remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.



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