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Reilly Springs News

Reilly Springs News for June 10, 2009

It’s been a busy week in Reilly Springs for many residents in our community, with school being out and many making plans for summer activities. Also, the Hopkins County Dairy Festival begins later in the week, so everyone is getting last-minute preparations ready.

Reilly Springs News for June 3, 2009

“It’s begun to get a little bit summertime,” exclaimed one Reilly Springs resident this week. “But we continue to enjoy the cool nights.”


Reilly Springs News May 21, 2009

It's been a great week in Reilly Springs. Sunday’s Memorial Day Service was a wonderful affair and we must thank all of those who were involved in the planning of the day, for a great time of visiting and remembering those who have founded our community.


Reilly Springs News for May 13

The Reilly Springs community has received an ample amount of rainfall in the past week. But what do you want to bet that by about the end of June or the first of Jul, we’ll be wishing we had some more of it? It just seems that we’re never really happy with the weather. We all need to say a prayer of thanksgiving for the abundance of moisture that we’re entering the summer with, as a month or so ago, it looked like we might have a very, very dry season on our hands.


Reilly Springs News for May 6

Rain, rain, and more rain that's about the word for Reilly Springs this week.  But we're not complaining. We needed the rain and it puts us ahead of the game for the summer months.  Reports are that we received approximately 8 inches of rainfall in the community, in the past week. The stock ponds, lakes, and creeks are full, but many still can't get the drought of two years ago out of their minds and feel that too much rain is still better than none at all.

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