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Spring is always a busy time of the year. New projects to start, yard work to do, and countless other things on “to-do lists” that have been put off until winter is over. There are never enough hours in the day to get everything finished.

Friday night’s FFA Stew and Auction went well. There was a large crowd. Donated items numbered well over 200. Lewis Russell, Mac Garrett, and Glen George outdid themselves on the beef and chicken stew. Mr. Watson and Mrs. Potts said that the auction went over much better than they expected with the economy the way it is right now. They commented that they made about as much money as they did at last year’s stew and auction.

We had good weather for Saturday’s cemetery work day. James Garrett, Bettie Garrett, Johnny Burns, Jim Burns, Woody Garmon, Johnny Ferguson, Norman Ross, Lewis Russell and several others came to help out and work. One crew of men worked on getting the back fence row cleaned off. Chris Steele, Joni Burns, and Elaine Garmon worked on cleaning off the old and faded flowers. Jim Burns and I unearthed several concrete blocks marking unknown graves and found a few buried foot markers under the ground. All in all, I would say that the day was a success.

My brother and sister-in-law had a baby shower at Brashear Baptist Church Sunday after church and the dedication of the new Family Life Center. They received several nice gifts and were very appreciative of everyone who came to the shower.

Sunday afternoon I attended the 99th birthday party of Mrs. Opal Burks at Carriage House Manor nursing home. She seemed to be doing quite well and was pleased to see each person who came to the event. Attendees included Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ross, Geneva and Kay Stripling, Carolyn Burns, Faye Tipps, Della (Wheat) Loane, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Ferguson, the Rev. and Mrs. Howard Strickland, Barbara Lynn and many more of her friends that I didn’t know. Sharon Tallant and her other family members did such a nice job arranging pictures of Mrs. Burks and preparing a table of delicious refreshments. At one point, Kay Stripling asked Mrs. Burks, “What advice would you give to young people these days?” Mrs. Burks thought for a moment and replied, “Be sure you know who you’re marrying!” Mrs. Opal Burks was officially 99 years of age on Tuesday, April 7.

While I was at Carriage House, I was able to have a good visit with a cousin, Vallie McElvy. Faye Tipps also visited with Sam Speed, who was there to see Virginia Tanton.

Happy birthday this week to J.W. Ragan on April 6, Kylie Ridings (daughter of Mary Russell Ridings) on April 7, Cole Burnett on April 8, Dane Petty on April 10 and Elaine (Weaver) Ragan on April 11.

MGHS competed in a track meet Monday at Hawkins. One word describes the entire day: COLD. Those kids (and a few adults) nearly froze during the morning activities. The early afternoon was a little warmer. I haven’t heard the results yet, but I’m sure our students did their best, and that’s all you can ask of them.

Just a reminder that the Miller Grove boys baseball team will have a game Friday at 11 a.m. here at M.G.

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