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Miller Grove News March 11, 2009

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This has been another busy week in “The Grove.” We have had another burial in the cemetery. I saw H.C. and Mary Lou Akins at Y’all Come back Café in

Emory on Sunday, and they said that Edith (Johnson) May had passed away and would be buried Tuesday morning, March 10. She was the daughter of Bill and Annie (Blount) Johnson. She was born Dec. 9, 1920, and passed away on Mar. 6.

Tommy Lynn Clem had a heart attack last week and ended up in a Tyler hospital. They sent him home, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I’m sure everyone has heard that our boys were over come by the Laneville Indians at the playoff game in Lindale Wednesday night. After seeing the game, I can say without a doubt that our boys have nothing to feel bad about. We haven’t made it this far in over a decade, and besides that, Laneville won state last year. To only lose by 14 points was a great task in my opinion. The final score was 58 to 72.

With all of the basketball excitement the last few weeks I forgot to mention how well the Miller Grove students did at the county livestock show. Mr. Watson, our ag teacher, said that Miller Grove took one-third of the show. That’s a pretty good portion since so many students and schools were involved. Mason Howle took Reserve Grand Champion for his steer. Cayle Watson had the Reserve Grand Champion hog. Reserve Grand Champion goat went to Aleigh Bessonett. Hannah Caudle even won an award for selling the most raffle tickets for a side of beef. Now the ag kids are off to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to compete with their animals and the various trailers they build in shop class.

Friday evening, I had a good visit with Leroy and Jean Akins. They came down from Dallas to eat at Stacey’s Fish Fry and to see Jean’s brother, R.A. Long. They seemed to enjoy the visit as much as I did. Leroy broke out a few stories of things that happened in Miller Grove back in the 1930s and 40s. I told him I wouldn’t print any of his stories, but I don’t think he would mind if I told just one.

When Leroy was a young boy he was traveling to Ed Gilley’s store when a car pulled up beside him and the man inside asked where he was going. He had a sack of eggs he was going to trade for baking powder. The man asked if he would like a ride and Leroy said, “Sure”, and he hopped onto the running-board of the car (by the driver’s door). As they rode along the man held onto Leroy so that he didn’t fall off of the car, and the driver talked to him as they drove. Leroy peered over into the car and saw a shiny machine gun in the seat next to the woman. The gun caught him off guard and scared him, so he didn’t say much during the rest of the ride. As they dropped him off at Ed’s store the man asked him what he was going to do at the store. Leroy told him, and the man asked if he was going to get some candy. Leroy said no because he didn’t have any money. The man said, “Well, you do now,” and threw Leroy a quarter (which was a lot of money in those days). Leroy tried to give it back but the man wouldn’t take it. As the man and woman drove off, the men at the store asked Leroy if he knew who those people were. Leroy said, “No, but they were really nice.” The men all said, “That was Bonnie Parker and Clyde Burrows!”

I have heard that Bonnie and Clyde passed through this part of Texas several times. I have a 98-year-old cousin who was a beautician that actually fixed Bonnie’s hair as they passed through the small town of Alba one day.

We have several birthdays this week. Happy birthday to Heath McCraw on Mar. 8; Chrissy (Wren) Cryer, William Watson, and Bonnie Wheat on Mar. 10; Retha Ann (Waskom) Heath, Caryn (Lewis) Darrow, and Terry Tate on Mar. 11; Lindsey (Watson) Potts, Jordan Lennon, Rita Freeman, and Johnny Ferguson on Mar. 12; and Peggy (Burns) Rohrer and (my brother) Bradley Darrow on Mar. 14. This is Bradley’s 22nd birthday. I’m sure Peggy is only a year or two older than Bradley! I remember very well the day Mom and Dad brought Bradley home from the hospital, 22 long years ago.

Happy 7th anniversary to Heath and Sheena (Petty) McCraw. It seems like just yesterday that they were married in Cooper. Now they have a good sized family with their three little children, all 4 years old and under.

Send me an email if you hear of anything that is going on in the community. My email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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