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Home News-Telegram Community News Miller Grove News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS March 9, 2011


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The Reilly Springs community is enjoying the weather, and signs of springtime are popping up everywhere. Trees are budding out, daffodils are all around, and some have reported their bermuda grass is sprouting.

Last Friday marked a real celebration for the Miller family as they “birthdayed” Delores Miller, in celebration of her 80th birthday. The entire family met at Pizza Inn for a party with cake and all the trimmings. Happy birthday, Delores.

On Sunday I went down to Fisher Farms and got the latest update on the “Southspoon Dairy Goat Establishment.” Bryant and the boys were working feverishly to complete the goat dairy barn and have it ready by April 1. “All of our does are going to be kidding the first of April, so ready or not, we’re going to have to figure out some way to begin milking,” Bryant. “We still have a good bit of construction to complete and must get all the equipment installed so we can be graded by the inspector.”

The Fishers will have a permit for selling raw goat’s milk and will bottle and label their own product. They also plan to sell milk for cheese to neighbor Kent Jisha, so it sounds like we’ll be able to sample Reilly Springs goat products before too long.

J.R. advised that Vanessa was visiting friends in Tuscon, Ariz. She returned home on Monday and reported a wonderful time and a chance to relax a few days. J.R. picked her up on Monday at the airport and they also enjoyed a few hours in Dallas.

It’s spring break time for many of the schools in the area. Among those enjoying the spring break is Kendra Fisher, who is  enjoying the time off and a chance to do some shopping and get caught up on some of her things at home.

Marilee Fisher met her friend, Debbie Wilkie, and they attended a nutritional meeting on Monday and reported having a fun time visiting, as well.

Vera Harrington enjoyed a visit with Frank Penny, who was visiting in Reilly Springs on Sunday. Frank reported a recent 14day cruise to the Caribbean, and having a great time.

He also reported visiting Muleshoe earlier this year and meeting up with the David Lawrence family there. Frank had purchased a ticket to the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce Banquet but regretted not being able to make the banquet and visit with classmate Forrest Gregg.

Jandi, Landri, and Sam Lawrence were weekend visitors in Hopkins County over the weekend. Jandi helped host a shower for Rekayla Pryor and visited with family and friends. They returned to Muleshoe on Monday.

Jana DeWitt reported a week of doctors appointments for Mary and Brody Koon this week. This is hoping that everything checks out OK for them.

Reports are that the Koon boys and Danny Lawrence and his partner, Marshall Sickles, are feverishly hunting hogs in the Big Nasty Hog Hunt.

J.R. and Blake Fisher reported processing a number of feral hogs lately, so the wild swine continue to be thinned out, and perhaps someday our countryside will be rid of am number of menaces. Feral hogs can destroy pastures, lawns, and just about anything in their paths. “And, they make some greatbackstrap for eating,” noted J.R.

Joyce McDonald and Melvin Crouch spent Sunday afternoon and Monda, at the home of Mrs. Elma Crouch in Reilly Springs as they continued to clean out the house. Melvin and Barbara Crouch returned to Malakoff on Monday night, tired and worn out.

I also heard from the Salvarino boys, who have big plans to do some trapping next week while they are out for springs break.

The Wallace and Salvarino families invite everyone to drop by their new Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe location in Commerce, where they report getting opened and having about all the “kinks worked o out of operation. “We’re finally up and going,” said Sandi Wallace. “Everyone seems to love the menu in Commerce.”

Until next week, continue to enjoy the springtime weather and make plans for spending a great spring break. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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