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Home News-Telegram Community News Miller Grove News MILLER GROVE NEWS Aug. 11, 2010


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Thursday Faye Tipps and I went to see Mrs. Doney Kincade who lives in North Hopkins. She is a relative of the Wren family and lived in Center Point and Brashear when she was growing up. We had a nice time visiting and she said she was 91 and approaching 92 years of age. She told us several good stories about the old timers that we both knew.

On the way home from visiting Mrs. Doney we stopped at Dairy Queen and saw Mrs. S.A. Dickerson and her sister. They told me that they are faithful readers of the Miller Grove News column.

Last week I talked to a man from Sulphur Springs named Larry Gamblin. He told me an interesting story about a now forgotten community which was located near Peerless. It was called the Sunny Slope community. There was a school, a church and a cemetery. The interesting part is that people remember the cemetery and there being many graves marked by wooden stobs, but no one can figure out who is buried there. If you have any information about the Sunny Slope community I know Larry would be glad to hear from you.

I know many of the Miller Grove News readers would remember Peggy (Pierce) Millsap who passed away last week. She lived in Miller Grove for a time with her family and went to church at Center Point for several years. More recently she attended church at Miller Grove Baptist Church a couple of years ago. Her funeral was Saturday at Murray-Orwosky Funeral Home. She was born Aug. 26, 1934, in the Birthright community to Joseph “Joe” Artimus Pierce and Ollie (Seymore) Pierce. She was married to my uncle, Weldon Millsap, on Aug. 18, 1951. She and Weldon were married by my great-grandfather, Bro. John Waskom, in the house where I live now. She was preceded in death by her husband, a granddaughter, and two sisters. She is survived by her children Randy Millsap, Donna Neal, Janie Miller and Bonny Garrett. She is also survived by numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, three sisters and one brother.

Saturday was also the wedding of Clay Smith and Dichele Wiser. They had a very nice wedding at “The Savannah” near North Hopkins. I hear that a lot of people have been married at the Savannah. It was very serene and when a large cloud covered the sun it made the event so much more comfortable. The wedding was somewhat casual with boots, dress shirts and cowboy hats being the main attire. Like the wedding I went to last weekend, this wedding was near a pond and the chairs were arranged in front of a gazebo where Clay and Dichele exchanged their vows. The services were conducted by Mike Eason and Clay’s son, Canyon, was also part of the wedding. If I had to guess, I would say that there were 50 to 60 who turned out for the wedding. Congratulations Clay and Dichele! Best of luck to you in the starting of your new life together!

I saw Jennifer Lopez Tuesday at Wal-Mart and she had her new baby with her. I can’t pronounce the baby’s middle name but I know her first and last names are Anna Perea.

I saw Tim Heijligers and Mareyna Pillard in Wal-Mart Saturday night. Tim has just recovered from an emergency appendectomy. I’m glad to know that he is doing well after the surgery.

Happy birthday to Madison Penny on Aug. 11 and Claudia (McCutchen) Jones on Aug. 13.

Happy second Anniversary to David and Wendy Tipps on Aug. 8. Happy 62nd anniversary to Jim and Mary Burns on Aug. 14.

As you travel the highways and byways don’t forget that all roads lead back home and back to Miller Grove. Please send me any newsworthy information. My email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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