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Miller Grove News for June 9, 2010

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The graduations that took place last week were very nice and well attended. There were quite a few people at the eighth grade graduation. All of the students looked so nice.

Larry Slatter delivered the address and spoke on how important it is to do your best at anything you do. That is a great subject and piece of advice for students heading into high school.

Congratulations to the Class of 2010! There were so many people at the senior class graduation that extra chairs had to be brought into the gym to seat all of the friends and family members of the graduates.

Mrs. Kim Irby made a very nice speech and reminisced about one particular class period that she had this graduating class. They were in the ninth grade, she explained, and the students continually wanted to get off of the subject of discussion for the day. The conversation started out about a war and somehow one student asked, “When you die do you wear the clothes you die in to Heaven?” Mrs. Irby answered, “Clothes aren’t really important in Heaven.” Then a student yelled, “You mean everybody in Heaven is NAKED!?” I don’t know how Mrs. Irby got out of that one! At the end of her address the gym erupted into laughter when she broke into a Roy Clark song with the words, “Thank God and Greyhound they’re gone!”

Each of the foreign exchange students were recognized for completing coursework and being part of the 12th grade class. Their names are Camila Fonseca and Jo Villacis, and they are both from South America.

Scholarships were awarded to Chance Lee, Laryn Cummings, Kelli Claxton and Thomas Renshaw, just to name a few. Thomas received the scholarship from the Miller Grove Volunteer Fire Department.

Saturday was the Miller Grove VFD’s annual car show. The weather was hot and fewer spectators came out for the show this year than they have in the past. I passed by the school parking lot where the event was taking place and there were quite a few cars on display.

Happy birthday to Halston Potts on June 6, Lisa (Renshaw) Oler and Austin Tipps on June 8.

Happy anniversary to Stevie and Cheri Tipps on June 12.

Faye Tipps is still having some problems with her foot but is doing better.

Patsy Yates’ garden is flourishing right now. I hope we will get some rain soon to keep all of the gardens looking good.

As you travel the highways and byways, don’t forget that all roads lead home and back to Miller Grove. Please send me any newsworthy information. My e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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