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Miller Grove News

Miller Grove News for Feb. 9, 2011

This winter weather is really becoming a normal thing in our area. We have already used three weather days at school this year and winter isn’t over yet.

Miller Grove News for Feb. 2, 2011

Luckily I have a little more news this week compared to what I had last week. From what I can tell, it looks like February will be a busy month. Here’s hoping it won’t be full of this cold and snowy weather that we have become accustomed to lately.

Miller Grove News for Jan. 26, 2011

News this week is somewhat short. Maybe things will pick up next week and I will have more to report.

Miller Grove News for Jan. 19, 2011

Last week’s snow was really something. It wasn’t that big of a snow, it just stayed on the ground for such a long time. I can’t even remember a snow staying on the ground for that many days. You know the old saying, “If snow stays on the ground three days it will snow again before winter is over.” And we still have quite a bit of winter to put up with before spring gets here.

Miller Grove News for Jan. 12, 2011

The week’s snow has been really beautiful. I woke up Sunday morning to find huge, white, powdery puffs of snow showering to the ground. At one point the snow was so thick that I couldn’t see 10 feet from the house. It isn’t every day that we get snow here in Texas, so enjoy it while it lasts. We usually get our fair share of ice, though.

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