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BRASHEAR NEWS June 12, 2013

Wildflower Report thanks to Lucy McCorkle, is that the yellow flowers are blooming. Mexican Hats are blooming and the Mullins. You will also notice the every popular Black-Eye Susans are blooming too. 


BRASHEAR NEWS June 5, 2013

Brashear Homecoming report is that they feed over 80 people. A great turnout and I am so sorry I was unable to attend. I am looking forward to hearing more from everyone that was there.


BRASHEAR NEWS May 29, 2013

Wildflower report is in this week. I want to thank Lucy McCorkle for filling us in on all of the beauty out around our neck of the woods. The coreopsis (commonly called tickseed), purple vetch (good for the soil), green milkweed, common sunflowers (smaller heads), Indian blankets (saw tooth leaf, dark orange center, reddish brown button centers), yarrow (just starting to bloom) and blooming prickly pear cactus are in season. So take time to observe what all is going around you.


BRASHEAR NEWS May 22, 2013

Brashear Post Mistress Beverly Haygood wanted to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who gave over 730 pounds of food. This was more than last year. This food will go to the local food bank to help those in need.

There was a lot going on around Brashear on Saturday, but I think there must have been a lot going around in the county. We had a very light turn out for the Brashear Bash and made $270. We do appreciate all of you for your support. I know we are thankful for any amount. It will go toward out monthly bills. The Walk for Jesus had a good turnout and want to thank everyone who came out and ran the 5K for Jesus. The youth will be able to purchase fans for people in Brashear who need to keep cool this summer.

I am on a tirade. How many phone books do you have? We receive many phone books every year. But have any of you tried to find some numbers lately? Today, I was looking for Farmer's Electric Coop number to report an outage but the one num- ber I found was disconnected. So I had to find my bill so I could report the outage. Yuck. I was so frustrated. I then wanted to find the number for Douglas School. I could not find the number for any of the SSISD schools. I found the private schools. I wanted to reach them about the early dis- missal. I had several classes that taught how to alphabetize and someone needs to teach basic rules.

We made it through the storms. We received 1.25 inches of rain. We had 3 inches on Thursday and we are very happy. The garden is flourishing and the corn is already rebounding from the wind. Thank you Lord for the rain.

I want to ask if any of you have the problem of cardinals pecking on your windows. We have one reappearing constantly to peck at its reflection. It is beginning to wear on our nerves. Suggestions, please.

I want to thank the organization, P31 Fitness for coming to Brashear. I have met some wonderful women and am sleeping better every night. If you would like to come join us, try it for one night. We exercise Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. at Brashear Baptist Church Family Life Building.

Thanks to all of you who are sending up prayers up for the Moore community in Oklahoma. We have so much to be thankful for. Please send up prayers for their great strength to come through this disaster.

I would like to let everyone know that we have a new family in the area that moved here from Flori- da. Their name is Ellis and they are excited to be here. If you see someone with Florida license plates, take the time to welcome them here.

Enjoy the cool weather after the humidity the last few days. Busy time of year for everyone and I would like to send congratulations to the graduates of all the area schools. Take care and remember to help out your neighbors. Just take time to give me a call if you have something you would like to share at 903-612-8806; email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or come on by CR 1119.

BRASHEAR NEWS May 15, 2013

Brashear Bash is almost here! It is not too late to get a spot to sell anything. We will have the Family Life Center on Friday open early if you would like to select your spot and set up. You might even start selling to some of us who will be in and out. Tables are there, but if you want you can bring your own. I talked to someone last night who is going to bring her own but needs a lot of room. Fun, Fun! Do not forget all proceeds from selling spots goes to maintaining our Community Center.

Do not forget the youth will be having a “Walk for Jesus” 5K on Saturday morning. It starts at 8 a.m. Price to participate is $25. This money will go toward purchasing fans for people in our community. 

The youth will also be having a Baked Potato Luncheon with all the fixings, sponsored by Cumby Telephone. Lunch will be served around 11 a.m. Come help support them is this endeavor, too. This money will help with other missions they might take on this summer.

If you haven’t heard, rain is in the forecast. Please take time to pray for rain. All of the local farmers in our area are cutting their hay and the fields almost look scorched. Rain, please. Garden needs it too.

Donna Smith asked for me to ask for pictures of anyone here in Brashear that served in the military. She is involved in a big project for the 4th of July. Please watch my article for more news on this.

Brashear Post Mistress Beverly Haygood wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave over 730 pounds of food.  This was more than last year.  This food will go to the local food bank to help those in need.

P31 is growing. It has been so much fun working out with the ladies of Brashear, Miller Grove and Cumby. I have met so many great women who are trying to make a change in their life for the better. Me, I'm there to have fun and try to lose some of this extra baggage that I am carrying.

Lucy has not called me this week. Our roses are doing great, four o'clocks are blooming, and so are the moon flowers. 

Has anyone else been having trouble with coyotes? I know of someone on State Highway 11 that is looking for someone to help her get rid of coyotes. They are getting too many of their calves. Desperate measures are needed.

Congratulations to the Miller Grove track team and special congratulations to Nathan George on his first place at state. Quite an accomplishment!

I would like to remind everyone to please continue to pray for little Phoebe Carmody. She is doing some better. Prayers are needed. Thanks.

Would like everyone to stop and smell the roses and blooming shrubs around the area. If you roll down your window, you will love all of the wonderful scents that all around. Please take time to tell someone you love them. Remember to call me at 903-612-8806; email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or come on by County Road 1119. You will probably find us out fishing in the front pool. Until next week, may your week be filled with peace, love, and much joy.

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