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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News for Dec. 23, 2009

Reilly Springs News for Dec. 23, 2009

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Is it just me, or does it seem that it gets faster and more hurried every year? It seems like it was almost just yesterday that we were celebrating last Christmas, and here we are ready for another one. Then again, it just doesn’t seem possible that it’s been almost 10 years since the turn of the century. When we’re told that “life is a vapor,” now we all know what it means.

I visited with Vera Harrington for a few minutes this week as she hurried about trying to get everything done and ready for a big Christmas with her daughters, son-in-law, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She’s planning a big “day of it” and is looking forward to seeing all of them.

I also visited with Bryant Fisher for a little while, and he allowed that they are planning a big Christmas. They have plans to join Ethel Winton in Sulphur Springs for Christmas dinner, and plans are under way for a large crowd at their home for Christmas breakfast and on Christmas Eve.

Bryant advised that J.R. almost got stranded in the snow over the weekend. He had made a trip to Baltimore and the Washington D.C. area and almost didn’t get a flight home. He finally arrived home on Monday morning about 2 a.m. And for some reason he really didn’t want to join Bryant and Blake at the dairy barn. Feature that.

Blake Fisher continues to be busy with his deer processing and sausage making, and reports a number of deer being killed in the Hopkins County area.

Kendra Dannheim was reported to be enjoying her break from duties at Cumby ISD and has been working on completing her Christmas shopping and getting ready for attending a number of places for Christmas. I’m sure she’s going to drag Ol’ Blake around to most of those places too.

I heard from the Striblings, and they reported plans for a huge Christmas celebration at their home, with loads of children and grandchildren, in-laws and out-laws. From the weather reports, it may be a little bit cool for a chuckwagon ride through the neighborhood on Christmas morning. However, David may be helping Santa Claus deliver his gifts if the snow gets too deep.

I ran into Steve Smith, Luke and Hayden doing a little bit of Christmas shopping this week. It sounds like they were getting ready for a big spread and a few days off from work at the BBQ place.

Sympathy is extended to the Paul Herschler family with his passing this past Friday. Services were on Monday. Paul was a regular visitor to the Reilly Springs community throughout his many years as county agricultural agent, and was a friend to all. Chip and Emily Herschler aid us in all the services at the Reilly Springs Cemetery. This is sharing in their sorrow and asking for a special blessing for their family.

Well, Sam has finally arrived. Samuel Ryan “Sam” Lawrence arrived on Monday, about noon, in Lubbock, and reports are that he’s a “big, little boy.” He weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and is 21.5 inches long. Landri Lawrence is really excited and reports that her daddy said that they could keep him. The pictures are awfully cute and all his relatives here in Hopkins County can’t wait for him to make his first official visit “back to his roots.” Congratulations to all.

Sympathy is also extended to the David Carpenter family in the neighboring Como community. David passed away this week, with services today.

The Yantis Owls and Lady Owls have taken a Christmas break, but did their part in making Friday night a memorable one in Yantis as they hosted basketball action. The Lady Owls defeated Quinlan Boles in a great game. Then, when it came time for the Owls to host the Emory Rains Wildcats, the gym actually “lit up.” It was fast-paced basketball action at its finest and came down to the last seconds of the game. The Owls defeated the Wildcats 51-50 in one of their best games all season. “It’s great to be on the winning end of one of these ‘one-pointers’ for a change,” remarked one loyal fan, as the Owls had lost two such match-ups earlier in the season.

Basketball action will resume for both Yantis and Como-Pickton next week, following the Christmas break.

As you celebrate Christmas with your family and friends this is reminding you to take note and remember your many blessings.

All of us have our own share of problems, but we live a blessed life. Remember that the sharing of our blessings with family and friends is the real joy of the season and the gifts, the food, and the other aspects of the holiday are minor compared to the reason for the season.

And Christmas is for kids. All of us could take note that there is seldom a disappointed child at Christmas. They’re usually so busy enjoying the new toys, the special attention, and the magic of Christmas that they don’t worry about much.

This is wishing each and every one of you a blessed Christmas and wishing that you and yours have a wonderful holiday.

Until next week, remember our troops who continue to defend our freedoms, and ask for them a special holiday blessing and a safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America. Have a very merry Christmas.




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