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Home News-Telegram Community News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Sept. 23, 2009


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The Reilly Springs community is taking a breather from all the activities involved with Fall Festival last week, as well as attempting to dry out from all the rain. “It’s mighty muddy” was the report from Blake Fisher this week as he attempted to get some work done around the dairy barn.

Several from our community were involved in Saturday’s World Champion Hopkins County Stew Contest.Tonya and James Ross cooked stew and many of their family gathered to eat it. They weren’t in the winner’s circle this year, but reports were of a really good pot of stew. Maybe something was wrong with the judges?

Congratulations to Ashley Wilburn from the nearby Martin Springs community as she captured the 2009-10 Cover Girl title Saturday night. Ashley did an outstanding job as she competed for the title, as did the other girls in the contest.

Another, Fall Festival Winner was David Stribling Jr., who won the drawing for the Wal-Mart gift card, on Saturday night. I’m quite sure he will find many ways to spend the winnings with the holiday season fast approaching.

I heard from one of my old friends from Reilly Springs this past week. Rhonda Wallace Loggins e-mailed me with an update on her son, Kaleb ,and his family. Kaleb has returned to Reilly Springs from Iraq and is now working in the meat market at Brookshire’s in Winnsboro. He’s becoming acquainted with his son, Fisher, who will be celebrating his first birthday on Oct. 17

Rhonda also reported “what a small world it seems to be.” She had been shopping in Mt. Pleasant, near her home, and went to the Home Depot and “ran into” another former Hopkins County resident, Anival Aguilar. “It seems that people everywhere have connections to Hopkins County,” commented Rhonda. “That’s what’s so great about life, as it seems that everyone with ties to our home community still treasure the great memories of growing up there.”

Two of our true community supporters are in need of our prayers this week. Delores Miller and Mary Koon both have some health issues. Pray that they are healed. Delores was headed to Dallas to schedule a surgery, today, and Mary has an appointment on October 6th. Remember these two great ladies in your thoughts and prayers.

And, I visited with Salli McClendon for a few minutes on Saturday, at the Stew Contest, and she reported that Jay is much better, but must still deal with some necessary health issues. So, keep Jay in your prayers also.

I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails this week, and she reported that she and Cody attended a friend’s wedding near Mt. Vernon, on Saturday, and then ate at the Double C. Steakhouse, in Winnsboro, with Brad and Summer Glenn.

And, it’s official, David and Debra Stribling now own a “chuckwagon” for racing. On Sunday afternoon, you may have noticed them “taking it for a spin” around Reilly Springs. They were joined by family and friends and “christened” the wagon. Look for them competing in chuckwagon races, in the future. What I want to see, is if David builds Debra a seat in the bed of the wagon, so she can race with him.

Rhandi Fails also reported that she will be attending the “Pink” concert, with her friend, Mindy, on Wednesday night, at American Airlines Center.

I heard from J.R. Fisher this week and he reports really enjoying his student teaching in the Winnsboro Vocational Agriculture Department. “I’m learning from the students and hopefully they are learning from me.” reports J.R. “I’m having to work every night just to stay ahead.”

Meanwhile, Blake Fisher reports that with J.R. going to Winnsboro every day, to teach, it’s left him “short-handed” at making barn repairs. “Seems like everyone has left me and sometimes you need an extra pair of hands,” reported Blake. “But, progress is being made and we’re getting a little bit more done each day.”

And, of course, the cooler weather, has been welcomed on the Fisher’s Farm, where  much of the work has been outside, but the rain has caused some delays in construction.

I heard from Vera Harrington this week, and she was smiling, as she’d received a visit over the weekend from Mary and the girls. They’d opted to spend their time in Reilly Springs, rather than fight the crowd at the Fall Festival. Vera reported that Elizabeth wants to drive every opportunity that she gets, so Reilly Springs is the perfect place for her to learn and much safer than the streets of Waxahachie. Watch-out for the Harrington Women Drivers....

Several things of interest are upcoming in the next few days. Saturday will be the Flea Market on the Square, and many from this community have plans to participate and attend that event. Then, on Friday night, many in our community are making plans to attend the Homecoming activities for SSHS, and the crowning of the new Homecoming Queen and Princesses. Of course, they’ll stay to watch the 4 and 0 Wildcats in their district opener against Pine Tree.

Then, on Thursday night, a true public servant, Curtis Buchanan, will be retiring from the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. Many from this community have become acquainted with Curtis, as he helped to install equipment in the Civic Center, for the various livestock shows, dairy shows, and other events in the facility. This is wishing Curtis a very enjoyable retirement and continued good health.

Thursday night will also feature a Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Event, that will mark the 30th Anniversary of the Hopkins County Civic Center. Many of you remember showing and exhibiting livestock in the old show barn, in Buford Park, and hosting events in the Old National Guard Armory Building, adjacent to it. We can be thankful to those who helped organize the effort to get the Civic Center built. All of us know that Lowell Cable, from this community, was one of those organizers and will be “looking down” on Thursday’s event, with pride.

Fred Fisher had reported that his rain gauge showed somewhere around 7.5 inches of rain for the past week, so we’ve certainly received enough to last us a while. Things are quite wet and muddy throughout our community, but most of us hesitate to complain, when there have been so, so many Septembers that we were “begging” for rain. And, things will “dry-out” fairly fast, with some sunshine and wind.

Many farmers in this community have already planted their winter pastures, and they are beginning to see some wheat, oats, and rye “peeking” through the soil. Others are still attempting to cut some hay, that looks like another cutting may be in store for the season. I visited with Jimmy Wayne Winfrey one night this week, and he reported that all of his pastures were flourishing with the recent rains, and if we don’t get an early frost, grazing should last for several more weeks. That, along with an ample supply of hay, makes winter feeding for beef cattle, look more prosperous.

Several in the community have reported that their fall gardens are “water-logged,” but a few days of sunshine will make things look different. Most have reported that the plants are growing good, but that some of the tomatoes are rotting, from too much moisture.

I received an e-mail from Jandi DeWitt Lawrence, yesterday, and she reported a “chilly” 40 degree morning, in Muleshoe.

Until next week, continue to “dry-out” and enjoy the nice, cooler temperatures, while they last. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms around the world and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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