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Home News-Telegram Community News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS May 27, 2009


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The Reilly Springs community celebrated the Memorial Day weekend with a little bit of rainfall, but not enough to mar the holiday.

My Memorial Day weekend was a joyous occasion, as I traveled with Mother to Houston last Friday to attend graduation ceremonies for Danny Lawrence from the University of Texas at Houston Dental School. Danny reached a milestone in his life, and he and Shannon are already moved back to Hopkins County. They got back on Sunday night. “I survived “Katrina,” “Rita,” and “Ike” while in Houston and I’m ready to get back home,” Danny said Saturday.

Whizzing through traffic in Houston, I tended to think Danny had the right idea. It seems that every time I go to Houston, the traffic gets worse. (I’m not going to even entertain the thought that I might be getting older and it bothers me more.). Congratulations to Danny and Shannon.

While at Danny’s graduation, we saw Donna Hatcher, a former Sulphur Springs resident, who graduated with Jan in 1980. Donna was at the graduation of her niece, who was receiving a degree in dental hygiene. It’s a small, small world, and it was very nice to see and visit with Donna.

I visited with Vera Harrington this week, and she allowed that she had been to Waxahachie to attend the year-end awards ceremony there. Her granddaughter, Caroline Burns, had received the “Moral Courage Foundation Award” for the first thru the fifth grades. The award is based on the foundation’s desire to inspire youngsters to live up to moral standards and encourage them to serve as leaders in their class. Congratulations to Caroline. We already know that she’s a leader in everything that she does.

Of course, Vera was delighted at Caroline being selected for the award and managed to get away for the ceremonies. Vera has been “dodging” the rains in an effort to get a little bit of hay baled. “It seems that just about the time we get it dried out and raked up, it will come another rain.” bemoaned Vera. “But you’ve got to have rain to make more hay, so I’m not griping. I remember a couple of years ago when we would have given anything for just a little bit of rain.”

I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails this week and she advised that Debra and David Stribling had eaten lunch with Braydon Stribling at Travis Elementary School, last Friday, and then they went and picked up Alexis for a weekend visit. They all met the Grahams, Joyce, Baylee, Marla, Jerry, Cody, Rhandi and Case for Friday night dinner at Oak Valley. Everyone enjoyed the visit and dinner.

On Saturday morning, Debra, Rhandi, Alexis, Braydon and Case attended Riley Ogle’s third birthday party at the movie theater. They all had a great time and enjoyed seeing Mandi Walker Berger, who was in from California for the Memorial Day weekend.

Debra Stribling started her new job in Mineola, on Tuesday. She’ll be working with the Department of Aging and Disability. Brandon Stribling also began a new job on Tuesday, as he will be working with the Adult Probation Office in Sulphur Springs. Congratulations to both of them on these career moves.

The Fishers spent Saturday at the Farmers’ Market in Sulphur Springs, where they sold vegetables, eggs and Marilee’s Goat Lotion. They reported a great day. The squash are in “full force,” and it shouldn’t be too long before the pinto beans are ready, according to J.R.

Marilee spent the rest of the Memorial Day weekend cleaning and decorating the Country Store building. Drop by and see her progress. Things are beginning to take shape.

I joined the Fishers at East Fork, on Monday night for the regular Reilly Springs Supper Club meeting, and we enjoyed a nice visit. They advised that J.R. is still having a little bit of a problem with his mule. If anyone is a devoted “mule whisperer,” they might lend J.R. a hand.

Bryant Fisher is in Austin this week at a Texas Cooperative Council Meeting, representing Dairy Farmers of America, and he joins Lynn Ramsey from Emory at the conference. He’ll return later in the week.

Congratulations are also in order for Brittani Crawford, Koyt Koon and Brandon Harry. They are all members of the SSHS Class of 2009 and graduated on Saturday night in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. As Brandon made his salutatory address he advised his fellow students “that the ball was now in their court, so let’s play ball.”

If you saw a chartered bus in Reilly Springs, on Tuesday night, no, it wasn’t lost. Chad and Erin Glenn entertained a group of about 20 Belgium visitors at their place. They do not have team roping events in their country, so Chad and Cody Fails provided a demonstration in Reilly Springs, as they ran a few steers. Erin Glenn, Blake Irvin and Clancey Horton were in charge of pushing the steers into the box for the demonstration. Some of the visitors even took a turn riding the horses, and Rhandi and Case Fails, Ruanne and Annie Horton, Kent and Ramey Jisha, Roy King and Levi, and Summer Glenn all helped to acquaint the visitors with life in Reilly Springs and Hopkins County. The group was headed for additional visits at Billy Bob’s Texas, Deep Ellum and other Texas attractions. Who knows what will be “spotted next in Reilly Springs? Word is the that the charter bus almost caused a “traffic jam” in our community.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the many advantages that we are afforded here in Hopkins County. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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