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Brashear News May 27, 2009

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My week has been wacko with a holiday on Monday. I forgot that the 26th was my grandson Tate’s second birthday. Boy, I might fail the grandmother test. Let’s hope he will forgive me. I also got to keep two more of my grandchildren this weekend. I am blessed to have such wonderful grandchildren. I want to wish Elizabeth McGraw a happy birthday. She had a surprise party thrown for her by her grandchildren and children. She is one lucky lady.
Brashear birthday wishes: late birthdays to Junior Millsap on the 5th; Carolyn Vaughn on May 5th; Donna Poteet on the 8th; Tommy McCarty on the 13th; Blake on the 13th; Vickie Peek on the 14th; Cathy Haynsworth and Janet Mabry on the 16th; James Davenport, Benny Vice and Colton McDonald on the 18th; Stephany Yosten on the 21st; Carolyn Stunkard on the 24th. Happy birthdays for Jody Pierce on May 27th; Albert Reeves on the 28th; Jeannie Gaines on the 30th. I will try to keep up with these better. As I once heard, “It is someone’s birthday on every day,” so happy birthday to all of you.
My friend Marie Bramlett called this morning to remind me to come and shop at Second Look Thrift Shop. They are now offering some summer time bargains. You will find them at Suite 211 in the strip shopping center by the outlet mall in Sulphur Springs. All proceeds from the sales will go to helping victims of family violence and child abuse, so you might say it is a “win-win” situation — it aids those in need of help in their lives, and you save money at the same time. Barbara Stewart of Brashear has been a frequent visitor when she comes to donate items for sale. She has even found some good bargains. I know I have. I enjoy going there to see Marie’s friendly face. She is always smiling and ready to help. Don’t forget, too, that Tuesday is buy one, get one free on children’s clothes, and Thursday is Senior Citizen Day, when a 25 percent discount is offered on any purchase. In these tough times, we can use all the help available.
How are your gardens growing? Tom picked some green beans today. There was enough for a mess. (You have to wonder where such a term comes from.) We have a lot of blooms on 94 tomato plants. The dog ate some of the plants. We may be getting rid of a dog real soon. He keeps tearing up things.
I had mentioned earlier in the year that I knew Ida Jo Smith Cameron. She passed away last Wednesday. We want to wish those who knew her and the family in the area our prayers and sympathy.
I received this e-mail yesterday. It is very interesting:
“Hello, I stopped by Brashear the other day and snapped a few pictures. Now, I’m no one special but I do have an idea for a film project. I think Brashear would make a good set for my low budget pilot or sampler of sorts, if I could find the time to do it.
“You seem to be up on the people and goings on there. Do you think the building owners would mind me using their property for a movie set? I’m particularly interested in the gas station, the tractor repair shop, and both front and back of the downtown buildings.
“Again this is still just a notion but I am hoping. You can get an idea of my project at www.youtube.com/gokartalley.” — Dennis R. Van Vleet
Well what do you think of that? I want to do some more research on this. Those of you who own the gas station (Janet), the tractor repair and car repair shops, what do you think? I will be investigating this further. Let me know if you would like to contact him.
Well, the big news is that I now have a new e-mail address, so please take note my new e-mail is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . My phone number is the same, 903-612-8806, and we still live on CR 1119. So call, write, or just come on by. Love to hear from all of you.



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