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Brashear News March 25, 2009

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Rain, rain, come again. We love it The rain has made the garden grow. I have noticed around the area that more people are putting in gardens. The Peeks have broken ground for a garden, and I saw Red George out working on his garden. Don’t forget that I will be hosting a canning demonstration sometime in early June. Canning can help with grocery bills.

Just talked to my friend, Marie Bramlett, and she said that Second Chance is doing great business lately. Donations are up. Thank you to all of you that give so others can be helped.

Glad to have Mary and Glenn Stroh back in the great state of Texas. Carolyn and Larry Vaughan were good friends because they took them to the airport and picked them up, too. We get by with a little help from our friends.

Things are busy on CR 1119. We have had an old house sell lately and see a lot of cleaning up going on. We may have new neighbors real soon. We want to wish them a big welcome to our community.

In these hard economic times, I am learning more and more ways to save money. One way someone mentioned the other day was to listen to older people and see how they made it during the Depression. I have started making my own window cleaner with vinegar, water and ammonia. So I am issuing a challenge out to everyone: just call or let me know some of the ways you have started saving money. Maybe we all can learn some new ways to help us make it through this tough time.

Well folks, I do not know if I am making friends or alienating people. I call to visit and I get this “do not print this.” So, call me so I have something to add to the news. Remember: 903-612-8806, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or just stop by and visit.




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