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BRASHEAR NEWS April 10, 2013

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Another week of beautiful weather with some rain in the forecast; we are blessed. We still need some measurable rain to get our pools up to their full level. I know that most of the pools around us are full, but not ours.


Garden is looking good. Turnips are no more. Tom plowed them up today after pulling as many as he could. We have fed many people with the greens and turnips this spring. We are now eating spinach and some lettuce. Tom has just laughed at some of the things happening in the garden. Yesterday, he planted some old cantaloupe seeds. We try to plant two or three different times so they are not all ripe at the same time. He was out watering today and found that the mice liked the seeds. He said they got every one of the seeds he planted yesterday. This was in our garden at my mother's house. Watch out, Mom, for fat mice!

My grandson, Colby, and I went fishing today. He caught the biggest fish — me. He caught my shirt when he was casting. He thought it was so funny.

Thanks to the Hopkins County Marketers and Karon Weatherman for a great time at Casino Night last Saturday night. We had a great time — too bad the money was not real.

Lucy called me today with another wildflower report. She said the dandelions are blooming, wild onions and wild violets. I have also noticed some small Indian paintbrush flowering in the ditches along our road.

Sunday night on our nightly walk, Tom and I came upon one of our new neighbor's cows. It had jumped the fence. Luckily, it was too busy eating the green, green grass. Whoever said the grass is greener, must have told this cow. Hope he jumped back over; we haven't seen it since.

Brashear Bash spots are now being reserved. Cost will be $5. The youth of Brashear Baptist Church will be having a baked potato lunch with proceeds going toward camp or mission trip this summer. Please put May 18 on your calendar and you may contact myself, Debbie Young at 903-612-8806; Carolyn Vaughan at 903-512-2269; or Linda Almon at 903-994-2993 to reserve a spot. Looking forward to the bash. It’s a good cause and I get to meet some more people.

I have a friend who is interested in starting a P31 exercise class in Brashear. Do you think you might be interested? Call me or send me an email to let me know if you would like to sweat with me.

I am so glad to see our bicycle riders on our road are back. Hello from Tom and me.

I personally would like to thank our police department, sheriff department and all others involved in last week's jail break. I know there were a lot of nay sayers on how it was handled. The end result is what counts. Captured and back in jail again. Yes. I heard that a lot of children around town were really having a hard time sleeping because they were afraid. I am thankful that the school district took the precaution to lock down, too. Parents that I have spoken too were very appreciative of this move too.

In keeping with the theme, may God bless and keep you safe. Call me at 903-612-8806; email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or just come by County Road 1119 and stop by for a visit.




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