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Home News-Telegram Community News Brashear News for June 29, 2011

Brashear News for June 29, 2011

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I have finally discovered what vacation means. It is when you leave and come home and realize how much you appreciate your home. We had a wonderful weeklong vacation last week. We enjoyed family, sun, and surf on the beach at Crystal Beach.

I have received news on the hummingbirds from Holly Young in Yantis. She said that it seemed that the hummingbirds had migrated to Yantis. She said they were later than usual but she has had to refill her feeders daily. Lucky you! I am still hoping for some to show up. I have seen one this week.

Beth Wisenbaker has emailed me with an update on county budget sessions. She wants to touch base and let everyone know that county budget planning for 2012 is starting. Hopkins County has many challenges to face in the 2012 budget cycle. Beth has talked to Cathy Singleton, chief tax appraiser, and asked what was her best guess for our tax base in 2012. Cathy believes that we will have a 1 or 2 percent decline in appraised values. Her best case scenario would be that appraised values will remain the same. As Beth approaches these budget work sessions, she will be committed to retaining your current property tax rate. Do you have any questions concerning the budget process? Do you have any particular concerns about the different departments the county funds? County government is an arm of state government and the only financial resources we have are fines and fees, sales tax and property tax. County government is also mandated by the state of Texas to provide many services such as county jails, physical and mental health care for the county jail inmates, criminal indigent defense, courts system, appointment of counsel in child protective services cases, etc.

Beth's e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , please feel free to contact her with any questions or suggestions you might have. Beth does want to hear from you because you are the reason she works so hard.

Don't forget to show up for the Independence Day celebration on the square Saturday night. This is an event I feel so fortunate to attend every year. The music is wonderful, the weather has been somewhat nice, and I love visiting with old acquaintances. Come join all the fun and be a part of small town USA. Don't forget your chair, cooler and handheld fan.

Grasshoppers anyone? When I go to my mother's house, her garage door and garage floor is covered with grasshoppers. If you are mowing, you better wear something on your eyes because there are so many flying about you could lose an eye. Well, then travel down one mile to our house and it is a totally different story. We have some, but our grass does not look like it is alive, if you know what I mean. Let's hope that they stay up there and do not make it down here. We have some good looking melons down here and I do not want to lose them to the grasshoppers. I hope you do not have too many.

It is Tuesday evening when I am writing this and I love the cool wind we are getting. My friend, Brenda, got three quarters of an inch in Dike. We have only gotten the wind so far. I even went out and did a little rain dance. Hoping to appease the rain gods. Ha!!! Come on rain!

Be careful if you are on the highways this weekend, and remember that most of the state is under a burn ban! Too dry out there for fireworks.

Mike Petty called to see if I had found a rent house for my friend. Thank you, Mike, for calling, but she has found a house. Appreciate your call.

July looks like it is going to be a hot month so please take care of yourself in the heat. My husband got a little overheated yesterday and I am keeping him in for a few days. Hope to hear from more of you. Remember just call me at 903-612-8806; email me at ddyoung@cawb. com; or just come on by CR 1119.





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