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Home News-Telegram Community News Brashear News for June 15, 2011

Brashear News for June 15, 2011

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I want to start out by thanking Gaylean Insurance and Bulkley Trucking (a local business here in Brashear) for their help in getting the clothes to the flood victims. These companies went above and beyond. Thank you very much.

Who would have thought that hummingbirds would generate so much information? I have heard from Susan Barnett in town, Faye Tips from Miller Grove, and several others. Where have they all gone? Everyone I have talked to say their hummingbirds are gone, too. I have seen one since I mentioned this in last week's paper. Now, how about grasshoppers? Seen any? My mother lives one mile up the road and they are bad at her house; but when you get down to my house there are just a few baby ones compared to hers. I think they like the sand better than the clay that we have. Ha! Hope it stays this way.

Thanks to Louise Stewart for the following contribution to Brashear News: “June is a very busy month at the Stewart place with birthdays, Father's Day, and the 62nd anniversary of Elton and Louise Stewart. What a journey of joy and excitement of raising four children, then watching eight grandchildren grow up. We watched each of them graduate from high school and some from college.

“Now the highlight of our lives, are our four great-grands. As great-grandparents, we can brag. We have completed watching our 6-year-old, Wayne Hinton IV, play T-Ball. His parents are Trey and Andi Hinton, and his sister is Hallie. Trey was the T-Ball coach. The Phillies played 11 games, won nine and won all the tournament games, to be the T-Ball champs. Trey was a very good coach, with all the boys and parents being good sports. Jacob George of Brashear was one of the team members. Their eyes did sparkle as they received their trophies, as they were tired and hot after their last game. Then they rode in the Dairy Festival Parade. So congratulations to the T-Ball Phillies for a job well done.

Happy birthday to Louise Stewart on June 14, and Linda Stewart on June 15. Happy anniversary to Elton and Louise Stewart on June 25. Also happy anniversary to my son and his wife, Matt and Jamie Young, on their 10th.

I know you have heard the joke “You know you are in a small town when ...” but I would like to say it doesn't seem too old and trite sometimes. Last weekend was a perfect example of Small Town at its finest. The Balloon Glow on Friday night was a huge success with my grandchildren. It was beautiful, and I like the new location, too. The Dairy Festival Parade and Ice Cream Freeze Off were great. I know it was hot but it is June isn't. Congratulations to the Dairy Festival Board on a job well done. The ice cream was so good I think I gained a few ounces. I loved it. I got to see some people I have not seen in a while and even saw some ex-students that were not afraid to speak to one of their past teachers. (That sounds better than saying their old teacher.) It seems really ironic that these same students couldn't wait to get out of town but come back for some of our old traditions. Love it! There are some good things about Sulphur Springs, and the Dairy Festival rates right up there on the list. I also ran into Zelma McCullough with her niece and did not recognize anyone there. Just goes to show this is a big deal when so many people come.

Well, I hate to say anything but we sure do need some rain. Garden is going to go fast. We started out the summer with a beautiful garden and now it is withering away. I only put up 7 quarts of green beans yesterday. Sure wish it could have more. We live on those green beans during the winter. With the cloud cover this morning maybe that means rain today. Praying hard that is so. Hope your children are enjoying their summer. I have had some of my grandchildren this summer for a visit and I am so blessed with the simple things. We have had water-gun fights, adventure walks (that is what I call them), and bubble-blowing extravaganzas. It doesn't get any better.

Time to wind down and get the grandkids up for their next adventure, will it be fishing or just hanging out at the farm? I want to wish everyone a wonderful week and I will be out of pocket next week so will be talking to you in two weeks. Take care and stay safe. Take precautions against the heat. If you have any news be sure to call me at 903-612-8806; email me at ddyoung@cawb .com; or just come on by CR 1119. May God continue to bless you and yours.





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