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Reilly Springs News for May 4, 2011

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I heard from the Memorial Day Committee, and they are working on getting their program together and promise it will be a wonderful time to honor those people who have helped establish our community of Reilly Springs and remember how important they have been in our lives. Make an effort to invite your family members who might not have been to Memorial Day activities and let’s make this one of the best.

On Monday night, the Reilly Springs Cemetery Board met in the Reilly Springs Community Center for a meeting and to get their part of the Memorial Day Program finalized. Once again, a pot luck lunch will be served in the Community Center, and donations for the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery for the coming year will be accepted. This is your opportunity to help with the care and preservation of the cemetery.

Additionally, we’ll be honoring those people who have passed away and were buried in the Reilly Springs Cemetery in the past year. If you know of someone that has been buried in the last year, make an effort to be at the service for this tribute.

I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails, this week, and she shared that Debra attended a soccer game on Saturday, in which Brayden Stribling was playing. Then, Alexis and Brayden came for a visit.

On Saturday evening, Cody, Rhandi, and Case Fails and Brayden attended a team roping at Miller Grove and ate fish in the Miller Grove community, on the way.

On Sunday afternoon, Debra Stribling made fried chicken and all the trimmings in celebration of Alexis’ 14th birthday. Of course, there was cake and pie, too. David Stribling Jr. and his family from Sulphur Springs joined everyone for the great food and celebration.

As hard as it is to believe, Alexias is getting ready for the 8th Grade Banquet, this week. She really can’t be old enough to attend.

I visited with Vera Harrington for a few minutes on Monday night, and she said that, like everyone else, she was grateful for the nice rain we had received, but she’d also found one of her coats to keep warm.

We actually lit the heater at the Community Center on Monday night so it would be warm enough for our meeting, and folks, that was May 2nd.

Vera denoted that it was certainly going to have to warm up for the bermudagrass to grow in the pastures and hay meadows.

“I wore a coat and a sweatshirt all day Monday, and I still about froze to death.” said Vera. OIt’s certainly cold for the month of May.”

I guess the Fisher family that has the most faith in the weather finally getting warm, as they got their peas planted this week.

J.R. and Vanessa are still visiting in South Carolina with family. They arrived about an hour and a half ahead of the massive storms that swept that part of the country and had to “drive around” them as they traveled toward their destination. They reported no major damage in the area where their family lives. They have plans of visiting Savanah and Charleston before returning home.

Meanwhile, Bryant Fisher is at a Dairy Farmers of America meeting in Fort Worth today.

Blake is “tending the farm” and reported that they received over an inch of rain in the last round of thunderstorms. “Every little bit helps, and most of it quickly soaked in,” reported Blake. “Hopefully, the wind will cease and we can get the benefit of the rains to our soils.”

Blake also reported that they were making progress in getting all of the equipment installed in their dairy goat operation, and hopes to be ready to sell fresh goat’s milk by June 1.

Jan Lawrence was a weekend visitor in Hopkins County from Muleshoe. She arrived on Saturday night, and then traveled to Houston with Jann Lawrence for her treatments and some tests on Sunday night. They did the tests on Monday, and they returned on Monday night. Jan ate supper at Joyce McDonald’s on Monday night, where she met Judy Jones, myself, and Danny, Shannon and Hallie Lawrence.

Jan returned to Muleshoe on Tuesday, speeding to get back in time for a T-ball game, where Landri Lawrence promised to be the star of the show. I talked to Jandi Lawrence the other day, and she thought Landri might be “coaching” before the season was over, as she thought she needed to tell everyone how to do things.

The Sulphur Springs FFA had a very successful Project Show, Ice Cream Supper and Auctio this past Saturday. This was the 39th annual event and was attended by a number from this community. Proceeds will benefit the FFA chapter, allowing them to compete in contests, leadership training, livestock shows and other activities, in the coming year.

Several from this community were in Sulphur Springs Tuesday night for the Scouting For Dinner event in the Civic Center. This fundraiser for the Boy Scouts offers some great food from local restaurants. I saw Jamie Miller, as she was preparing steaks in the Texas Feed Bucket Steakhouse booth, and she had some wonderful samples of the great steaks they serve. She invited everyone out to dinner and experience some of the best steak around. I’m hooked from the samples I tasted.

Steve and Donna Smith were also on hand at the event, as representatives of Big Smith BBQ but also as hosts for the event, as both their sons are actively involved in the local scouting program.

Several from this community attended the Master Gardeners Cook-Out at the Gary Kesting home on State Highway 19 north Tuesday night. James and Tonya Ross and Delores Miller were among that group, and they were treated with a great program by my friend, Eddie Trapp, from over across the Sulphur River. Eddie gave an informative program on a variety of plants, and also brought a chicken snake along to help emphasize his program. Several in the group weren’t real sure that the snake was “completely harmless,” until Eddie picked it up and passed it around. He told of the many benefits of the chicken snake and also shared how to identify poisonous snakes in the environment. Everyone enjoyed a great meal and a great program.

Until next week, try to stay warm and enjoy the sunshine. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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