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Brashear News for April 6, 2011

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“Wow” is one of the words I would use to describe our Brashear Bash! The weather was wonderful, people were generous and new friends were made. I just want to say a big THANKS to everyone who came.

The list of people to thank individually is long, and I hope I do not leave anyone out. First, I want to thank the Sulphur Springs News Telegram for giving us a front page story. It was awesome. Second, I want to thank Cumby Telephone for helping sponsor our hamburger lunch. Their contribution helped so much; thanks. Last but not least, I want to thank these individuals for their donations of money: Robbie Plunkett, Billie Rushin, Marie and Ron Bramlett, and Beth Wisenbaker. There are probably more people to thank, so just let me say here that without all of you our success would not have been possible.

A big thanks to Carolyn Vaughan, Polly Barker, Jo Childers, Pat George and Becky Burns for stepping up and helping with the hamburgers. We so appreciate all you did to help. Polly, you were the greatest.

A big thanks to Linda Almon and her grandson and nephew for all they did at the Community Center. Thanks to Brashear Baptist for the use of their facilities.

I guess you can see that I am so thankful for everything that helped to make this a huge success. So, I bet you're wondering … how much did we make? A little over $1,250. Wow! We are so pumped. We are in the beginning stages of planning one Bash for the fall. I will keep you informed.

In planning for a Bash in the fall, we are open for suggestions that could improve the event. Please let us know. Call Linda Almon, 903-994-2993; Carolyn Vaughan, 903-582-2269; or me at 903-612-8806.

I want to express my sincere sympathies to the family of Hilbert Petty who passed away two weeks ago. Please forgive me for not getting this in the paper earlier.

I mentioned making some new friends. I met David King and Robbie Plunkett and ran into some students from Sulphur Springs High School. It was so much fun meeting new people and seeing old friends. Nice to see the Coates again; they came to our house last year for some greens. We ate some turnip greens today from our garden.

Speaking of gardens, the Brashear Baptist Church has started a Community Garden. I am going to find some more information about this for everyone here in Brashear. Love the idea and hope everyone will want to help out with this project.

A new resale shop has opened in Cumby on West Main Street. It is named “Twice as Nice” with consignments. The owner is Rena Hale, who went to school in Cumby. Let's help her out and visit and shop.

I would like to issue a warning. Yesterday, I was attacked through my e-mail and got a huge virus. This virus attacked my e-mail contact list and sent out asking for money to help me out of a situation in Cypres. Ha! Someone called and said they misspelled Cypres and asked for $3,000 to help me out. My friend also said they must not know Tom very well; he would never give me $3,000 to spend. So do not send me money to help me out. Thanks for the thought, though. Be leery of an e-mail from Hotmail saying “Urgent Final Notice” needing update information.

I had a call today from Robbie Plunkett wanting me to mention about the Veteran 1357 group who visit the veterans in area nursing homes. He mentioned Durb Goodman, who is the head commandant. He wants everyone in our area to thank Mr. Goodman for all the work he does for veterans. The group is in the process of having a shotgun raffle. He said to call Durb at 903-217-7794 for a ticket for the raffle. Thanks, Robbie, for your call.

To close today, I am feeling so blessed after the wonderful Brashear Bash. Let's all stop and remember that we are blessed just by being alive to enjoy the beautiful weather. Take care and take extra pains to be nice to someone today. Call me or email me if you have any information you would like to share with everyone. E-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; visit me on County Road 1119; or call me at 903-612-8806.





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