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Home News-Telegram Community News Brashear News for Feb. 23, 2011

Brashear News for Feb. 23, 2011

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Hoping that this finds all of you well and good. We have been enjoying this beautiful weather. The pollen count must be high, though, because the sneezes and eye itching have been horrible.

Busy getting things ready for the April 2 Brashear Bash. We had someone come out and give an estimate on repairing the floor of the Community Center. It is so exciting to see such an important building in Brashear getting a facelift. Our goal is to have it repaired by the homecoming in June.

Speaking of the Community Center, we would like some help in keeping it cleaned up outside and no damage being done. We have a few outside things that need to be repaired and do not want anyone to get injured. The poles that are set up to help support people as they are walking in have come loose and could be dangerous if anyone tried to use them, so don’t. Also, we have found some trash, toys and shingles lying around the building outside. We are not liable for injuries there on the site. So please try to keep young children from playing around the building.

The Brashear Bash is gaining momentum. Have had several people call and reserve a spot to set up shop on the ball field and inside the Family Life Center at the Baptist Church. We are going to be putting out flyers on some of your homes to keep everyone informed and to give people an opportunity to participate. The deadline for saving a spot is March 15. We will be getting back with you on more details as the date approaches.

How does your garden grow? Turnips are up. That is good for Tom but not for me. I cook them but do not eat them. Some people say that Tom is deprived because I only cook what I like. Poor Tom! We have radishes, spinach, beets, onions, and potatoes in the ground. Let the rain come real soon. We are a little dry now. Never happy, are we?

I hope you have the opportunity to notice the spring flowers that are blooming. I know we will have another freeze before Easter. It is Texas, after all.

I would like to express my congratulations to the Lady Wildcats on a great season. It has been a long time for the girls to go that deep in the playoffs. Yeah, Lady Cats! I guess I can still be a fan after all these years.

Please send up some prayers for our community and Sulphur Springs because things seem to be a little rough right now. Economically speaking, there seems to be a lot of people needing jobs in our area. Please pray for Janet at the Brashear Store, too. I saw some of my neighbors here in Brashear out and about this week. A big hello to Joyce Hale, Donna Moore, Mary and Glen Stroh.

Remember to keep up the positive energy flowing by smiling to everyone you meet. Smiling is also easier to do than frowning. I would love to hear from more of you with some news. Call me at 903-612-8806, e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or just come on by County Road 1119. I love company.





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