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Brashear News for Sept. 1, 2010

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It is such a joy to live in Brashear. Can you imagine living in a big city? I actually had an ex-student ask me where Brashear was located. She has lived in Sulphur Springs all of her life and she does not know where beautiful Brashear is located. Tiffany, you do not know what you are missing.

Things are pretty quiet in my neck of the woods (as the saying goes). The garden is long gone except for okra. Tom is busy getting a fall garden going. Let’s pray for some more rain. We got a twenty minute shower on Monday. Thank you, God. Just would like a little more.

I had an exciting moment last week with our dogs. I was cleaning when they started barking on my front porch. I went to see and there was a raccoon hanging from one of our front windows. He was climbing for his life. I have never seen a raccoon up that close. I knocked on the window and all he did was try to climb higher. I called Tom to see what I should do next. I got food and lured the dogs out to the pen and fed them. When I got back, the raccoon was gone. Excitement on the farm!

Dove season opens today and I am surprised that I have not heard any shots or seen any dove. They are usually so plentiful around but they seem to sense when the first of September comes around.

A friend’s (Karon Templeton’s) mother was bitten by a copperhead last weekend in Athens. All she was doing was cleaning out her flower bed. So be leery of snakes. She was truly blessed because the hospital had an antidote for the snake bite.

Congratulations to Stella Bagley for being selected as the first runner up at the Senior Ms Texas Pageant. She represented Hopkins County very well. Yeah Stella!

Dairy Festival is fast approaching and, as you all know, there will be a lot going on. There is a golf tournament during the festivities if interested check into it. Also there will be a 42 tournament at the Civic Center. If you want to know more go to the Chamber’s website or watch in the paper for the calendar of events. It’s a busy time in Hopkins County.

Hope everyone’s first week of school went well. It is always an exciting time for students as well as teachers. Good luck to everyone.

Happy belated birthday to Louise Smith, 8/25; Billie Eppars, 8/27; Donna Gore, 8/29; Tanner Stonaker, 8/30. Happy birthday to Jacob Clayton, Margaret Ragan and Mary Smith, 9/1; Aleigh Bessonett and Karie Kinworthy, 9/2; Gary Strickland, 9/5; Stephanie Bland, 9/7; Jackson Darrow and Mary Stroh (my aunt), 9/8; Reece Evans, 9/10; Kelsey Smith, 9/11; Vicki Little, 9/12; Jayden Arledge, 9/13; and Ryan Evans, 9/14. Please forgive me for being so late with some of these.

To all of you, who drive on County Road 1117, please be careful with that dead tree at CR1117 and Business 67 spur. I talked to Beth Wisenbaker and she said the power company is in the process of removing it. I wish they would hurry! I would hate for it to fall on someone or their vehicle. Also, she told me they are scheduled to be back working on CR 1117 to cover the rock toward the end of October. Yahoo, no more white rock dust!

I have run down now so, until next time, have a great week and remember to love thy neighbor as yourself. Be kind to our neighbors. Remember to call me at 903-612-8806, email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or just stop by for a visit. It is slightly cooler and I will be out more often now. Take care.




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