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Home News-Telegram Community News BRASHEAR NEWS July 21, 2010

BRASHEAR NEWS July 21, 2010

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Another hot week here in Brashear! I guess you would have to say another hot week in Northeast Texas. Looking forward to the weekend as they are forecasting some rain. I feel it in my bones. Ha!

How is everyone doing this week? Want to remember to wish happy birthday to my friends and family. First, happy birthday to Barbara Wrenn today; she is 79. Happy birthday also to David Burns, July 15; Bradley and Bryan Caudle, July 17; Clint George, July 18; Velma Schubert, July 20; Natosha Burns, Samuel Gomez, Taylor Kougher, July 22; James Willhite, July 24; and Doris Petty Barker, July 27. July seems to be a busy birthday month here in Brashear. Hope everyone had/has a great one.

Well, I am asking a question out there: Has aanyone ever had a dog/dogs get cantaloupes out of the garden? If so, what did you do to break them of this habit? We have a mutt that keeps getting the ripe cantaloupes out of the garden and eating them down to just a small amount of rind. He even jumps and hits the peach and pear tree limbs to knock down fruit. I guess you could say he is smart but it sure is maddening. Help!

Going to try something new this week. Tom has picked all of our pears and I am going to make pear marmalade, the freezer kind. Wish me luck. We are starting to make okra now. There is nothing like fresh okra. Our cantaloupes are starting to make, too, so come on by and get one. Tom will be putting them down by the driveway starting Wednesday.

Has anyone else noticed that our water has an odor? Does anyone know the explanation for this?

I hope the grasshoppers are not too bad where you are. We have a few, but my mother’s place has more. I guess they like the sand better than clay. I hope that the army worms don’t invade us.

If anyone has nothing to do and wants to get out of the heat, here are a couple of suggestions. The Senior Citizen Center is a great place to visit and see what is going on. I know that they have Bingo and there is a Senior Mrs. Hopkins County pageant this weekend. Stop by and see if there is anything that might suit your fancy. Also, the Community Players are  putting on a production of “Princess and the Pee.” It is very good. It is running Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. Call now and make a reservation. It is a production that the youths of our community are putting on.

Running out of news, so until next week. Please take care and pray for some much needed rain. Don’t forget to call me at 903-612-8806, email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or just come on by County Road 1119.




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