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'Astro Boy' new family fave

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My son, space cookie that he is (he has more stats and information floating around in his head about the planets, stars and space than most people even know exists), has been looking forward to the movie “Astro Boy.” To encourage him to do all of his choirs and homework in a timely manner, I told him that I’d take him to see the movie the movie over the weekend if I didn’t have to get onto him too much. There was a day or two that was touch and go, but at the end of the week, he’d behaved well enough to earn a trip to the movies.

Because I’d promised him, we went despite a headache which had gone from migraine to dull throb. It turned out to be a really cute movie, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Go see it, and take mom and the kids too.

Sad that his son, who snuck in to watch his latest project, was essentially vaporized, Dr. Tenma uses his son’s cap – all that’s left after the accident — and DNA from his hair to create a robot replica of him.

But, the science genius quickly realizes that the robot just isn’t his son. Even replicated he’s just not a real boy, he does things differently.

So, the 'bot is cast off and goes to “the surface,” what Earth looks like below the hovering city that Tenma helped create. makes friends and is renamed Astro. He’s beginning to belong, until he figures out the guy who supposedly is a “dad” to all the parent-less kids on the surface is really just fixing up old robots so they can fight to the death for a profit.

The guy figures out he’s a robot and tries to use him in the fighting. He says he can’t; the blue core if pure energy and doesn’t fight. He tries to escape but is thrown back in the “ring” by some type of force field. He figures a way around the no fighting thing.

But, unbeknown to Astro, the evil mayor seeks out Astro. The guy needs to be reelected and is thinking grandiose action will achieve that. He thinks starting a war between his super fighter with the “red” core and Astro with the “blue core (both energy extracted from the remains of a star). They track him and he has to go back to the city.

Astro deflects the mean machine’s efforts and is eventually tossed inside of it to get his core. He’s tossed out. More scuffling. Eventually Tenma is asked to take the blue core out of Astro. He does, then changes his mind and reawakens Astro, who although not his son, definitely has a purpose and who he can’t see destroyed.

More scuffling. Armed knowing that the two cores can’t be put together, Astro uses his blue energy on the super robot with red core to take it down, with a little help from his surface friends along the way. He’s “dead,” no longer functioning.

But not to worry, one of Astro’s earlier good deeds returns to revive the robot boy, who has finally found a purpose, protecting people.

And Tenma has a son in his robot boy, albeit just not the one he lost. And, the fact that this one had jet packs in his feet, rockets in his cheeks and other “guns” to ward off whatever evil foes threaten the city is a bonus.

I recommend “Astro Boy” for families and kids of all ages, space and science fanaticism and interest not necessary. It has enough action to appeal to adrenaline junkies and enough touching moments and morals for the softies and most discerning viewer.




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