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Knowing: Good movie, strange ending

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Sometimes films are so bad you stay to watch the ending, hoping that something will happen in the final few minutes to redeem the movie. "Knowing," starring Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne, is quite the opposite.


"Knowing" is a suspenseful thriller that really keeps you guessing up until the end ... when you will question why the moviemakers ended it with such a weird twist. Don't be mistaken, I love M. Night Shyamalan's "Sixth Sense," "Unbreakable," "The Village" and "Signs" with their unexpected final moments, and I think "The Blair Witch Project's" ending is brilliant.

But, "Knowing" doesn't leave you with a "brilliant" feeling when the movie is over. Instead, you may feel a little let down.

In the movie, Cage stars as a college professor who stumbles onto a cryptic, numbered message left 50 years earlier in a time capsule. He deciphers the message, which predicts tragic events throughout the last half-century.

Cage and his son, along with Byrne and her daughter, then try to figure out the last cryptic numerical message while at the same time fending off strange, silent figures that are stalking the two children.

As the characters get deeper into who wrote the message and what it means, the movie audience gets enraptured with their journey and what will become of not only them, but the entire world -- but don't worry, it's not usual paint-by-numbers "only one man can save the world" Steven Seagal, eye-roller.

You'll know that when you see the unexpected ending.




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