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Third Degree: Less than the best from Greg Iles

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Third Degree - By Greg Iles
$9.99. 466 pp. Fiction. Paperback.
Two out of three stars

Greg Iles has been one of my favorite suspense authors since the release of “The Quiet Game” in 1999. I normally like his plot development and the way he crafts his characters, and I usually read his books in one sitting, turning the pages as quickly as I can.

In “Third Degree,” Iles tells the story of the complete unraveling of the marriage of  Warren and Laurel Shields, with all the action happening in a 24-hour period. While the idea might have sounded good in theory, it doesn’t quite work on paper. Some of the premises were just too far-fetched, and the Shields weren’t really all that sympathetic.

Iles’ other work, including “24 Hours,” “Dead Sleep,” “The Footprints of God,” “Turning Angel,” or Blood Memory” are more representative of his talent.





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