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All Hog Tied -- Bluecollar Bowhunters’ second annual hog contest spears winners, awards

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PINE FOREST – The Bluecollar Bowhunters have done it again.

The second annual Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest sponsored by the BCB was a success, pinning winners and awards Saturday for the month-long bow hunting contest.

“We had around 50 or so people at the closing and lots of food prepared by volunteers,” reported Jared Brumley, BCB co-founder, from the Pine Forest Community Center. “There was over $6,400 dollars worth of prizes that were given away to the contestants.”

Hawglite.com, a sponsor of the TBNHC, donated products that were given away in a drawing for those in attendants at the closing ceremonies. In addition, the BCB carved wooden Texas-shaped plaques for this year’s top three contest winners along with a large Texas plaque they plan to display at Bass Pro Shops in Garland.

“It displays the first place winners of the TBNHC this year, last year, and will also have the names for the winners in future years,” Brumley said. “It also says the contest name, founded by Bluecollar Bowhunter and Wildleaf Design, founded in February 2009.”

Most of the awards were announced at Saturday’s closing ceremonies, with the exception for best video and best picture that will be determined by April 10.

“We extended this out so anyone interested would send their videos,” added Brumley. “I am still getting videos through the mail.”

First prize for best video will get two I-cams, valued at $350, and $100 cash. Best picture will receive two Stealth game cameras.

This year’s TBNHC sported their first youth winner, Caleb Wyatt, who received a new bow for his top contest kill. He was assisted by his father, Pete Wyatt, who filmed his son’s hunts. In the category 1, the youth contestants were allowed to use a gun during their hunts. Wyatt shot a hog that weighed over 230-pounds. Out of the 11 youth teams, Team Powder Burn captured second prize in this division weighing in 318 pounds, on two hogs.

TBNHC boasted 47 team entries in the adult division. First place went to Team Swine Flu of Cody Hunt and Danny Lawrence. This duo team also killed the most hogs during the contest, weighing-in 22 hogs, one shy of the record of 23, set in 2009. Sulphur River Bottom Boys of Cody Williams and Wesley McQueen received second, and Team Shawka Owwatta of Jeff Sanderson and Tim Hicks placed third  this year.

The official 2010 TBNHC standings are as follows: 1. Team Swine Flu – Hog 1 at 290, Hog 2 at 310, for a 600 total and a tusk measuring 4.25; 2. Sulphur Bottom River Boys – Hog 1 at 257, Hog 2 at 252, for a 509 total and a tusk measuring 4.5; 3. Team Shawka Owwatta – Hog 1 at 291, Hog 2 at 163, for a 454 total (tusk not available); 4. Team Hog S.W.A.T. – Hog 1 at 208, Hog 2 at 242, for a 450 total and a tusk measuring 5 3/16; 5. Team Duck or Bleed – Hog 1 at 272, Hog 2 110, for a total of 382 (tusk not available); 6. Piglet Patrol – Hog 1 at 230, Hog 2 at 150, for a 380 total (tusk not available); 7. Make ’em Squeel Hoggy Style – Hog 1 at 121, Hog 2 at 211, for a 332 total and a tusk measuring 5 and 8. Team Bassett – Hog 1 at 148, Hog 2 at 150, for a 298 total (tusk not available).

This year’s contest spanned from February 6-March 8. The contestants’ successes were posted weekly through the contest website www.texasbignastyhogcontest.com with the “Rumor has it” selection.

Contestants were required to follow a set of guidelines and rules determined by the BCB as posted also on the website. A valid hog entry must include a video. The video had to contain the hog in clear view while the shot takes place, the arrow impact-shots and hunter verification after the shot. Arrow impact-shots are crucial for the soundness of the video. No edited videos were allowed. Due, however, to the nature of this tournament with free-lance hunting through an entire month, any teams who place could be subject to a polygraph test.

Teams competed not only against each other, but with extreme East Texas weather from snow to rain and hot and cold temperatures in the piney woods.

For first place prizes include: Bowtech Air Raid, bow case, Hog Bombs, Lake Country gift certificates, Therma Cell, Primos Bow Sling; for second place: Bowtech Swat, bow case, dozen Red Head arrows, Hog Bombs, Lake Country gift certificates, Primos Bow Holsterk; for third place: Primos Ground Blind, Remmington Tree Stand, Block Target, dozen Red  Head arrows, Bass Pro Shops gift cards.

Awards for the most hogs will include a dozen Red Head arrows; for longest tusks: Bow Box and accessories, gun case; for biggest hog: Scent Away products.

BCB extend “a thank you” to everyone that made this contest happen. “Without the contestants and with out the volunteers and support from everyone we couldn't have made it a success as what it is,” Brumley stated on behalf of the BCB and its other founders Cody Hunt, Jeremy Sickles and Richard Sanchez.

Future plans for the contest – “We are seriously looking to develop an addition to the TBNHC,” Brumley said after the recent successes of the past two years. “We have plans for next year not only holding this contest again, but actually expanding the contest’s marketing base into a different part of Texas. The location is undetermined right now.”

The Texas-based contest looks to spur hunters from greater distances by offering this alternative in order “to reach more Texas bow hunters.”




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