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TBNHC winds to a close Sunday

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PICKTON – The Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest is winding to a close in the woods of East Texas.

“We have had quite a few hogs turned in, but it doesn’t seem as many as what we had last year,” recalled Jared Brumley, co-founder of Bluecollar Bowhunter.

Despite the cold temperatures in the air Brumley said that hasn’t really affected the contest. “Normally, animals move around more prior to a cool front,” he added.

The contest has had success in its second year. “We are looking at expanding next year out into more parts of Texas,” Brumley added. “We only have the coverage we get and the internet to spread the word about the contest. We are hoping by offering an extended hunting region that will encourage more sponsors and competitors too.”

The BCB The final day of the contest is Sunday, March 7. The BCB set Saturday, March 27 at 2 p.m. as the date for the closing ceremonies to award prizes. This will allow time to view all of the contest video submissions.

But until then, readers and fans of the TBNHC are invited to enjoy one last round of hog tales.

Rumor has it...

Feb 25 - March 1

Team Bacon Bandits gets some good video but with out the record button pressed.

Team Shahka Owwatta brings down another brute hog to weigh in.

Team Porky and Petunia out ther trying tomake something happen.  Keep at it.

Team Bow Lite Taking Bacon bring one down for a number.

Team Guranteed connects with a hog on video.

The Sulphur River Bottom Boys second place last year start to pull towards the top as they bring down the hog they had been playing chess with since the tournament started.

Tell the sows to keep the piglets close because the Piglet Patrol has been out and about.  Called in two to weigh.  They said they are just now getting warmed up.  You better catch fire quick.

The Boar Hog Rippers bring their first in to weigh.

The Soggy Bottom Boys have not given up as they pursue the hogs of Hopkins County.  Ambush from trees spot and staulk under the cover of darkness......they show no mercy....they take take em out any way they can being sure to conserve arrows though.  Shot 3 this week..one was a double.

Nope.....Team Waterboys....that will not put you competeing with the big nasties of this contest but at least you made the Rumor Board again.  Gotta find the big one.

Team S.W.A.T.T.  still after the big weighted boars.  They bring one in you definently wouldnt want to get in the way of.  I was told by Bo Allen that those are called DOG KILLERS...I am glad ya'll got him out of the woods.  Ya'll just saved a hog dogs life.

Pig Jammers on the board with a boar to weigh.

Youth Team Wyatt connects and lays one out.  he 's a good n.

Team Swine Flu take out seven more in one night.  One.......another heavy weight.




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