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Hog tails race in TBNHC

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PICKTON – The Bluecollar Bowhunters’ Texas Big Nasty Hog contest continues to see results as the rumors flood the website.

“There have been 37 reports of hogs harvested on video so far.  Some of the videos have been reviewed and are looking good,” BCB co-founder Jared Brumley recently reported. “Some of the hunters have been having a bit of bad luck and some are having extremely good luck but that’s hunting – you never know what is going to happen when you step in the woods. However I can't give any weights out.”

So far so good in the East Texas Piney Woods for the ongoing wild hog contest. “Jeremy, Cody, and I all feel that this year’s opener was a success as was last year’s,” Brumley added. “And the BCB intend to keep this contest going and to work towards making it bigger and better for the contestants involved. We are always looking for sponsors to help this community to state wide event such as the TBNH contest.”

With that said they are releasing more hog-tailed rumors...

Feb. 19 - The channel 8 news TBNHC spot is suppose to show tonight if any one interested.

Team Swine Flu seem to maintain the boar to sow ratio as they call in two more each to add to their numbers. They would also like to put the word out that they will personally donate their meat to Team Piglet Patrol seeing how their freezers will be bare of pork meat for next winter.

Team JCL Outdoors still after a big and nasty hog but feel eradication of all hogs in Texas is important too.  Add one to their numbers.

Feb. 20 - Well we have about 60 teams entered in to the contest.  I kinda expected some more hogs to be registered by now.  I guess that's good in one aspect....There will be enough hogs around to have another contest for next year.

Team Swine Flu still at it night after night day after day.  One hog weighed in.

Team Shokha Owwatta still fighting as they bring another to market.

Has anyone ever stayed over night at the Post Oak Hotel??? I know one team did.  It's kind of a nature get away.  Lots of night creatures provide for some awesome entertainment.  Be sure to pack warm clothes and might want to bring some pain medication for your back pending your choice of stand. Team S.W.A.T.T. will provide the security.

Setting in a tree at night waiting on that one big pig??? Well ask Team B.S. it is much more exciting to go ahead and get a few down for numbers while you wait.  One hog shot and weighed in.

Feb. 22 - Team Make Em' Squeel Hoggy Style keep pursuing a few elusive boars but want pass up any that might show up.  Another weighed in.

Feb. 23 - Killer Instinct takes down their first of the contest.

Youth Team Powder Burn finally brings one into weigh.  They said it was all on film this time.

Youth Pickton Pork Producer lays one out finally after missing one he will never live down.....at 6 yards.

Oh my gosh. I can not believe this....Team Post Oak Savanah says the two pigs that they just shot will be enough to take the honors of the TBNHC. One hunt two shots...they will choose not to hunt anymore....video is under deliberation.

Feb. 24 - This just in as I write...Team Bush Hog takes the legs out from under another boar.




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