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Rumors race, swine slayed -- BCB’s Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest off to a hog wild start in piney woods

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PICKTON – The rumors have already begun to fly as the wild hog population in the East Texas Piney Woods diminishes.

The second annual Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest has officially started. BCB co-founder Jeremy Sickles reports that there were officially 60 teams entered in the contest – 10 youth and 50 adult teams.

“We are very excited about the contest this year and had a good turnout,” Sickles said. “We would like to thank all of the people that help get this contest up and going…I can not give out any weights on the hogs killed so far but I can tell you that the hogs are a lot bigger this year than last year.”

With the ongoing problem with the hogs and the growing sport of archery it is not to far Sickles expects this event to just continue to grow in popularity.

The TBNHC supports the updates of the contest via their website and the “Rumor Has It” segment. They will be sharing these posts with the News-Telegram in the interest in keeping readers informed of the progress.











So let’s get the rumors started –

Feb. 6 –     The Disease Control Center has called reporting an out break of the Swine Flu. Team Swine Flu stresses the need for bio-suits to be worn as they start covering Texas with their blanket of death. Four shots, four hogs all died from the flu. These boys just ain't out for numbers.....they got some wait on the board.

The Hog S.W.A.T. Team knows the need for tactical force as they bring down one that has been on hold until the contest began. And it is a hog to weigh. Now is the video good?? Hope it is, you don't want to loose this weight.

Team Bush Hog mows their first victim down.

Team Quick Draw is quick to kill in the TBNHC. They have an itchy trigger finger noted as they were one of the first to draw blood.

Sulphur River Bottom Girls....Have ya'll found that pork yet.

Feb. 7 –     Girls you might want to check this team out. I hear their name is The Bacon Bandits. And they're stealing the hopes of other teams winning in a greasy sort of way. One hog down.

Just got a call from one of the team members of Shokha Owwatta... Man thought he was out of the contest due to his bow blowing up.  I told him he needed a longer fuse on his explosive tips. He is down to his backup because of an unavoidable dry fire.

Team Caleb Wyatt is a youth that knows when the contest began. He is already on the board as they find one in the middle of the day.

Feb. 10 – Well we got one team from the Horn Stars showing up to compete. Horn Stars Team 3 get their first taste of blood in the TBNHC. One sow weighed and recorded.

Didn't waste any time weighing their first one...they said they got bigger ones worthy to hang on a scale.  Team JCL Outdoors turns one in on tally.

Team Hog Dawgs find their first "good eat'n size" boar.

Feb. 11 – Dang...Team Shokha Owwatta reports good news then bad news....The good news is.... as they hunt separatly they were able to bring down a big jelly bean sow. On the other hand we ain't going to be able to pass video that films the inside of the blind. Keep after 'em. It'll come together.

When they hunt....they bring meat home. Team Bassett strike early this year with three hogs from the bottoms of East Texas.

Make 'em Squeel Hoggy Style. I like what they tell me. I want to hear about some monster boars with long tusk. Hunt 'n 'em at night they got two on the board.

Youth Team Calab Wyatt ....smoke 'n em. I want him on my team next year. I’ve seen pictures.....hogs laying all up on the 4 wheeler....Good job Calab. Keep a shoot’n.

Youth Team Powder Burn blows down a big slab of bacon..daddy forgot to push the red button....Mean while son has put ad in paper looking for new camera man.

Feb. 12 – The girls are back. The Sulphur River Bottom Girls shoot’em as they come. Will the big boar come in....can't wait to see.

The Swine Flu's death toll starts to decline as they look for more arrows than hogs.

Feb. 13 – Sulphur River Bottom Boys can't let the girls out do 'em weighing in a hefty brute. Come on guys it is Valentine’s weekend...could have at least let the girls have that one.

H1N1 has taken out more hogs. Team Swine Flu calls in three more hogs all go to their number tally.

No time is wasted as Team Tallent brings their first one in to weigh. Hog still weighed heavy even with out the guts. Keep’em in next time...get the full weight.

Youth Team Powder Burn still trying to make a video come together. Hog gets away.....on film this time.

Feb. 14 – Team Swine Flu...Note-to-self, stay after the big ones. Long shots taken on "number" pigs usually mean expensive hunting trips with a lower success rate.

Feb. 15 – Team Duck or Bleed brings in two more to add to their numbers.

Team Waterboys refuse to zero out...starting early this year they get their first at night.




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