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Going Hog Wild Again: BCB present second annual Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest

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PICKTON – With another plentiful supply of hogs equals plentiful bowhunters scouting through the piney woods of East Texas. To top it all, the Bluecollar Bowhunters are at it again. They are putting on the second annual Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest.

“This year its seems that word has got around. We are hoping to double last year’s teams,” said Cody Hunt, co-founder of the BCB. “We are still putting together sponsors, but we already have picked up some new ones like Harmon Scents, Vortex Broadheads, and Lumenok. The Stick Slingers archery club will also be on-hand with 3D targets, and to sign up new bowhunters to the club.” Last year 150 attended the opening ceremonies of this archery only contest–compound, recurve, and longbows.

Opening ceremonies kick off next Saturday, Feb. 6 at the Pine Forest Community Center at 11 a.m. Chili will be served for lunch. Those looking to pre-register can do so by visiting the website www.TexasBigNastyHogContest.com. Registration will also be accepted on the opening day. Sponsors may also find more information on the site as well as contact phone numbers too. The contest wraps up on Monday, March 8 at 12 a.m.

“Our opening ceremony was a huge success,” said Jared Brumley, co-founder of Bluecollar Bowhunters, in a previous interview. “The 150 people were made up of contestants, guests, and friends and family who graciously helped make the activities run very smoothly. We had 31 teams sign up for the contest stretching from Naples to Sulphur Springs to Tyler and even one team close to San Antonio.”

“All the rules are basically the same (see below) and are on the website,” Hunt added. “The contest is 100 percent payout. Last year almost $10,000 worth of hunting trips and prizes was won.”

The Bluecollar Bowhunters will have a booth with T-shirts, DVDs including the newest selection, and decals. I-Kam Xtreme will have a booth demonstrating their new product that combines a video camera and eyeglasses according to Hunt is “very cool.”

New to the contest this year, The Rebel 99.7 KRBR will be helping to provide weekly updates on Saturdays from 9-11 a.m.

“Those interested can also listen on the radio or the web at www.kkxi.com to the Bluecollar Bowhunter show with Jeremy Sickles,” explained Hunt, “Jeremy will take calls from our hog hunters and give contest updates throughout the contest.”

After locals hunters Cody Hunt, Jared Brumley and Jeremy Sickles began Bluecollar Bowhunter five years ago, this led to their pursuit of creating a DVD. They began presenting the non-profit Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest (TBNHC) under their business name along with sponsors. This trio will be debuting their newest item. Hunters will be able to purchase a DVD copy of video shot during last year’s TBNHC along with a specially designed cover.

Just like last year, the 2010 opening ceremonies will be packed with entertainment and special guests. Bowhunters ready the arrows and mark your calendars the biggest hog contest in this area is just around the corner.


1.  All hogs weighed in must have a sound video to prove the authenticity of the teams kill.**

2. Registration: Mail in, online, or register at opening ceremonies held at Pine Forest Community Center on Feb. 6 at 11 a.m.

3.  NO high fences, NO hog traps, and NO pen raised hogs.

4.  The use of dogs is strictly limited to blood trailing and recovery only.

5.  Night hunts and day hunts are both allowed.

6.  Lighted nocks are recommended during day hunts but must be used during night hunts for video conformation.

7.  One or two person teams.

8.  All hogs must be legally harvested per State and Federal laws.

9.  Only a registered contestant is permitted to film the hunt.

10.  Hogs must be called in within 24 hours of recovery to 903-767-2912.

11.  All hogs must be weighed on a zeroed out game scale

12.  The entire process of weighing each hog must be on recorded without stopping. A non-team member can help during this process.

13.  Hog tie-breaker will be the earliest hog weighed.

14.  Time and date must be on recorded on video. (ex. Use Cell Phone)

15. All hogs must be weighed hanging by the back leg(s).

16. Contestants in contingency of first, second and third place must bring in their scales at closing ceremonies.

All apparent winners of the "TBNHC" may be required to submit to a polygraph test to validate the harvest. Refusal or failure to show up for the polygraph test will result in a disqualification from the contest.


**A hog entered into the contest by a team must have a valid video. The video needs to contain the hog in clear view while the shot takes place, the arrow impact-shots, and hunter verification after the shot. Arrow impact-shots are crucial for the soundness of the video. No edited videos. However due to the nature of this tournament with free-lance hunting through an entire month any teams who place could be subject to a polygraph test.

2009 Standings

Top 10 of 31 Teams

1. Team Roberts

2. Sulphur River Bottom Boys

3. Team Outlaw

4. Boar hog Rippers

5. Piglet Patrol

6. Sulphur River Bottom Girls

7. Team B&C

8. Team Bassett

9. Full Draw

10.The Stalkers

Best Photo - The Stalkers - Wild Leaf Design print

Best Video - Team B&C - Camara Arms $60

Most Hogs - Team Roberts - Dozen Arrows $60

Longest tusks - Team Outlaw - Rage Braodheads $80

Heaviest Hog - Boar Hog Rippers - 2 Maurader Lighting Systems $250

First Place-2 Diamond Bows, 2 Moultrie Game Cams, Quivers, Dozen Carbon Express arrows-Total Value of $1445

Second Place-2 Red Head Bows, Bow Hangers, bow cases, Game Plan Back Packs-Total value of $1044

Third Place-Primos ground Blinds, Lumenocks, Scent Away Product -Total Value of $500




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