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More BCB Adventures -- Trinity Gar fishing proves very successful with recent rains

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On June 14,  Bluecollar Bowhunters Jeremy Sickles, Jared Brumley, and Cody Hunt invited host of Arrow Affliction TV Chris Brackett on a two day alligator gar bowfishing trip.

Brackett, one of the fastest rising stars in the outdoor industry today, flew from his home in  Illinois to meet up with the BCB team at the Trinity River.The Trinity River is world renowned for producing record sized alligator gar.

Prior to the trip, heavy rains in and around the metroplex forced the muddy Trinity River to flood over its banks. This, along  with the sweltering Texas heat, didn't keep veteran bowfisherman Jeremy Sickles from finding the monster gar Brackett craved.

On the first day, despite numerous bowfishing boats on the river, Jeremy's 15 plus years of experience finally began to shine.Before the first hour of fishing was over Brackett had shot a giant Texas gar.

After a lengthy battle between the fisherman and the dinosaur like fish, a 185-pound alligator gar lay in the bottom of the boat. The seven-foot fish with a 40 inch girth had exasperated Brackett to the point where he  quoted, "This is better than shooting a 150 inch buck!"

On day two of the trip,  the sun- baked fisherman shot a gar inside the current of the swift river. With the powerful Trinity aiding to the escape of the trophy gar, the BCB boat(named the ‘Muskrat’) found it self over a mile down river from where the fish was first shot. After exhausting the fish they were able to muscle it over the side.  The prehistoric fish tipped the scales at 125-pounds. Following a brief celebration, the crew headed to check some flood water that looked to inhabit the prehistoric fish.

A stealthily approach through the flooded swamp grass proved positive. A 100-pound railroad tie-shaped gar unexpectedly lie. A well-placed fiberglass arrow sealed the deal as the third trophy fish of the trip found itself in the boat.

Brackett was more than excited as the chaotic weekend trip came to a close. The  action-packed BCB style of bowfishing should air on Arrow Affliction TV in  November. (Meanwhile Brackett has got plenty of gar meat in the freezer.)

Brackett's Arrow Affliction TV airs on The Sportsman Channel, Sport South, Pursuit Channel, and Wild TV Hunting and Fishing.His show attracts over 53 million viewers nation wide. Check out the  www.BluecollarBowhunter.com website for specific air times.




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