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Home mySSlife Hunting Tales Big Nasty Hog Contest--Local hog hunting contest boasted high numbers at recent ceremonies

Big Nasty Hog Contest--Local hog hunting contest boasted high numbers at recent ceremonies

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PICKTON – Around 150 attended the Bluecollar Bowhunters’ Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest orientation on February 7 at the Pine Forest Community Center.

This was an archery only contest–compound, recurve, and longbows.

“Our opening ceremony was a huge success,” said Jared Brumley, co-founder of Bluecollar Bowhunters. “The 150 people were made up of contestants, guests, and friends and family who graciously helped make the activities run very smoothly. We had 31 teams sign up for the contest stretching from Naples to Sulphur Springs to Tyler and even one team close to San Antonio.”

“Through our sponsors we able to bring fourth over $5,000 of prizes to give away; however, we wanted to make it a little interesting so we asked the contestants to bring their bows and arrows to have a little competition. The contestants were given a certain amount of tickets, and they used those tickets to shoot their bows at targets for a chance to win a specific door prize.  Contestants shot at balloons to a tiny ping-pong ball blowing in the wind. There was also a 123-yard shot for those shooters who dared. It was a success. Everyone had a great time,” added Brumley.

The special guest for the event was Brian Doty of Extreme Outdoor Adventures. Doty also brought out more products to give away as door prizes. Sponsors in attendance included: representative from the newest energy drink Blu Frog, 4-C Archery, Wildleaf Design, and Ronnie Strickland of Lone Star Bowhunters Association. “There was also a surprise guest that also made an appearance, Willy the Hog. Willy is a hog that was caught when he was a just a little piglet.  Junior Brumley raised him up and he is as friendly as can be. Willy was a big hit with the kids and folks that have never been around a wild hog before, but he is just a pet to us. He wears a blue collar and can be led around with a leash,” added Brumley. “With a couple of powdered donuts he could be willing to show off a few of his tricks.”

As the contest progressed throughout the month, contestants were able to track results on the contest website under “Rumor has it”. “Out of the 31 teams, 20 of the teams logged in 76 wild hogs.  Adding up the two biggest hogs shot by each team grossed 5,208 lbs,” he said.

The closing ceremony, held on March 14, hosted 43 people. The guest of honor was Kelly Garmon of www.Hawglite.com was available and gave out prizes. Each team paid a $100 entry fee and that was put right back into the prizes for the contest.

Previously, there have been two small local contests. After locals Cody Hunt, Jared Brumley, and Jeremy Sickles began Bluecollar Bowhunter four years ago, this led to their pursuit of creating a DVD. They began presenting the non-profit Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest (TBNHC) under their business name along with sponsors.

Bluecollar Bowhunter co-founder Cody Hunt previously explained, “This year’s contest will be only the beginning for we plan on making it an annual event, becoming larger every year.”

First place won products from www.Hawglite.com, two Stud Diamond Bows, two Moultrie Game Cameras, two arrow quivers, and a dozen Red Head arrows.

Second place won two Cryptic Red Head Bows, two bow hangers, two bow cases, and Game Plan Gear packs.

Third place won two Primos ground blinds, Lumenocks, and Scent away products.

Other awards included: Best Photo won a Wildleaf Design Canvas print, Best Video won two video camera arms, Most Hogs won a dozen Red Head arrows, Longest Tusk won two packs of Rage Broadheads, Biggest Single Hog won two Hawg Lites.


Two Biggest Hogs

Harvested on Video

1.  Team Roberts - 452 lbs

David Roberts

Heath Roberts

2.  Sulphur River Bottom Boys - 448 lbs

Cody Williams

Wesley McQueen

3.  Team Outlaw - 439 lbs

Alex Mowat

Kade Martin

4.  Boar Hog Rippers - 412 lbs

5.  Piglet Patrol - 377 lbs

6.  Sulphur River Bottom Girls - 372 lbs

7.  Team B&C - 360 lbs

8.  Team Bassett - 308 lbs

9.  Team Full Draw - 258 lbs

10. The Stalkers - 257 lbs

11. Lake Fork Guide Service - 218 lbs

12. Boar Busters - 206 lbs

13. Team Tony & Aaron - 192 lbs

14. S&P Swine Slayers - 181 lbs

15. Team Razorbacks - 180 lbs

16. Team Nasty - 150 lbs

17. Team Hogleg - 144 lbs

18. Russian Stalkers - 134 lbs

19. Reilly Springs Malitia - 120

Other Teams included: Team L and R, Team Sulphur River, The Drip-Shed Bowhunters, Team Whitsell, Brushy Creek Bacon Chasers, Team Mojo, Team Monk, The Waterboys, The Reapers, Cougar Creek, Team Frank and Luke.

Most Hogs Harvested

Team Roberts - 23

David Roberts

Heath Roberts

Longest Bottom Tusk

Team Outlaw - 4 5/8"

Alex Mowat

Kade Martin

Biggest Single Hog


Boar Hog Rippers - 262 lbs

Jr. Brumley

Kyle Peeks

Best In-Field Photo

The Stalkers

Jimmy Hobbs

Casey Davis

Best Video

Team B&C

Chris Kinworthy

Brent Gluck

More information on the Bluecollar Bowhunters can be found at their website: www.bluecollarbowhunter.com or for contest information go to the Texas Big Nasty Hog Contest website at:www.texasbignastyhogcontest.com. Video is also available for viewing.




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