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Training for Two: Exercise Moves You Can Do With Your Dog

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Not all dogs or humans love a long run, but that's no excuse for not getting your exercise (or not helping your pooch get hers). So celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson has developed a series of moves you can do together to fight boredom and fat. "It's all about efficiency," he says. You can see his videos at "Training Room" on Petfit.com, but here's a preview:

— Power dog walk with intervals. Peterson's four massive mastiffs aren't cut out for marathon training, but he can make their strolls more effective. "What I love is adding in side shuffles, lunges and light jogging," he says. "The minute you speed up the pace, the dog thinks it's a party." The stop-and-start way the dogs prefer to move isn't frustrating if you think of it as fat-burning bouts.

— Fetch abs. Grab your dog's favorite toy and then get down and do a sit-up. As you reach the top of the move, fake a throw to send your pooch on a mission to hunt it down. Then your job is to pump out as many crunches as you can before he figures out you tricked him. "Everybody's getting something out of it," Peterson explains.

— Dogstacle course. No, the obstacles aren't for the dog; they're for you. Set up stations around your yard for challenges such as hops, push-ups and step climbing, and dash around with your pet, trying to complete the circuit quickly. Peterson promises your pooch will become the best training buddy ever. "It's the one partner who will never let you down,"




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