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Family Owned Business: Rebounds helps local economy bounce back

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The economy has everyone  scrambling to save money. The latest trend, for those who are watching their wallets, involves scouring resale shops for bargins.

Budget-minded shoppers now have an option in the resale  market, right here at home.

“Rebounds of Sulphur Springs is an upscale re-sale store that has recently opened in the Spring Village Shopping Center behind Auto Zone,” said co-owner Dan Gleason. “The 10,000 square foot store has a huge variety of household goods, clothing for everyone, furniture, gadgets and unique gifts.”

Rebounds opened its doors on April 22, 2009, with the intention of employing family members who were having a hard time finding steady dependable employment in Sulphur Springs, Gleason explained.

The store’s owners, Larry, Barbara and Michelle Nouvel and Dan Gleason, all of whom have siblings or children in Sulphur Springs.

Nouvel and Gleason also own several properties at the north end of Sulphur Springs.

Family members Jennifer Gleason, Jonathon Gleason, Gina Gleason and Mike Nouvel, along with other staff, Alejandra Sanatana, who provides bi-lingual assistance, and Jeanie Hill who serves as store manager.



“This is our only location, and we all work hard to keep it stocked with items usually unavailable anywhere else in town,” Gleason added. “Our new winter hours are from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon until 5 p.m. on Sunday.”

How does re-sale work?

Typically, Rebounds purchases a store’s entire stock, or they buy overstocked items from department stores like Macy’s and Sak’s Fifth Ave.

Rebounds’ buyers also buy previously-owned items from purchases made at estate sales in wealthy Dallas neighborhoods, with the idea of delivering high-end goods at affordable prices.

“We work on the small profit, large volume principle for business side of sales and truly believe in our slogan of ‘Saving YOU money is our mission,’” said Gleason.

Rebounds is one of few places offering a no-fee layaway for 30 days for any purchase of over $50.

Debuting for 2010 is a loyalty reward program that has some benefits like $20 on a customer’s birthday to spend in the store with no strings attached.

“Folks of all ages shop our store and the regular customers have quickly learned that if you see something you like, you better grab it because it may not be there when you come back for it,” Gleason jokingly warned. “Many of our customers are on a first name basis with our staff because they shop there so often. Our customers love the variety and the money they save buying slightly used or new items that have been re-distributed through our buyers. Our prices typically range between 10-40 percent of full retail value.”

Each month Rebounds provides extra bargains for its patrons.

In January, the store ran a  half-off book sale. For their Valentine’s promotion, all new and used ladies clothing and fashion accessories were offered at a third off already low prices.

“Starting March we’ll begin our spring wedding dress specials for the spring and summer weddings coming up,” Gleason said.

With over a hundred new wedding gowns at any given time Rebounds is the “largest supplier of wedding gowns in Hopkins County as well as a very large selection of new and used formals,” Gleason said.

The prices range from $89-$389 (although the store is currently offering a wedding gown originally priced at $30,000 marked down to $3,000).

“All of our wedding gowns are new,” he added with a smile. “It would just be bad luck to sell a worn wedding gown.”

Gleason has enjoyed doing business in and with Sulphur Springs.

“All of the building inspectors, fire inspectors and city officials involved (in the opening process) have been absolutely great,” he said. Rebounds is a member of the Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce.

“Almost all of our new business is word of mouth referrals,” Gleason said. “Most of all, we have fun doing what we do!”

For more information on Rebounds, visit online at www.reboundsresale.com, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call (903) 885-1363.

Rebounds is located at 1181 South Broadway, Sulphur Springs, and currently accepts most credit cards, local checks, money orders, gift cards and cash for purchases.




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