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Billy Joe Shaver at Kessler Friday, June 29 - Texas legend set to release new record soon

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WACO, — Country songwriting icon and honky tonk hero Billy Joe Shaver and his Heart of Texas Band  will be in concert at the Kessler in Oak Clif on Friday, June 29. Tickets range from $17 to $37.50.

Shaver is also preparing to release the best cuts from his catalog of legendary songs in concert from the stage of the world’s largest honky tonk. “Shaver’s Live at Billy Bob’s Texas,” slated to be released July 17, on Smith Music Group is his first album in five years.

The fully loaded special package includes 20 live renditions of some of his most notable compositions on an audio CD and DVD as well as two bonus tracks, and is the first set of new concert recordings since 1995 to be issued to the public. Included among Shaver classics and favorites are two new songs: “Wacko From Waco” (co-written with his longtime friend Willie Nelson) and “The Git Go,” proving that his muse remains as fertile as ever.

His life is the stuff of legend, having lived through times tough, tragic and wild, faced serious health problems over the last decade or so and rebounded, and was acquitted of charges from a 2007 shooting incident outside a Texas barroom. Through it all he has continued to compose songs of plainspoken eloquence, poetic resonance, hard-won wisdom, soulful spirituality, and rich real-life imagery.

“I’m still writing as good as I always have,” says Shaver, who claims no secret behind his lauded craftsmanship. “I don’t even know it myself. It’s a gift, I swear. I never tried to hone my talents or anything like that. It’s always been like breathing in and out to me.” He does offer one basic tenet for writing good songs: “Simplicity don’t need to be greased.”

He cheekily yet still seriously confesses, “a lot of my songs are written trying to save my life, and that worked. The rest are written trying to get back into the house. Plus writing is the cheapest psychiatrist there is, and God knows I still need one. So I’m in good shape.”

As his well-deserved public recognition came in the 1990s, Shaver was cast by his friend and fan Robert Duvall in his acclaimed 1996 film “The Apostle,” and has since played parts in three other theatrical and TV movies. He was the subject of a 2004 documentary produced by Duvall, “A Portrait of Billy Joe,” and published his autobiography, “Honky Tonk Hero,” the following year. He also sings the themes to the Adult Swim television show Squidbillies, and “Live Forever” was included in the award-winning hit movie “Crazy Heart” as its end-credit song.

“There’s sometimes I don’t believe I did all that but I did,” says Shaver of his achievements. “I haven’t jumped up on tables or anything and pounded my chest and screamed about this and that, but I’ve done quite a bit.”

But what he is most proud of is how many noted songwriters have also recorded his songs. “That’s kind of like my trophies. Instead of getting CMA Awards, that means a whole lot more to me. When you write songs, and you write good songs, people will always remember you. Words will always outlive us. And if your name is attached to those words, you’re gonna live forever.”


To order tickets for Shaver’s show, log on to http://www.prekindle.com/promo/id/22191984701835030


For more information on Shaver’s new record, log on to http://www.smithmusic.com/lbbt.asp




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