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Scribner to publish first lady Laura Bush's memoir

WASHINGTON (AP) -- First lady Laura Bush has sealed a deal with Scribner to publish a memoir that will encompass her recollections of personal and historical moments, including her eight years in the White House.


Cruise says church helped him overcome dyslexia

MADRID, Spain (AP) — Actor Tom Cruise said Scientology teachings helped him overcome childhood dyslexia, a Spanish magazine reported.

Cruise was quoted by Spanish magazine XL Semanal as saying he was diagnosed with the learning disability when he was 7 years old.

Cruise said he was often anxious, frustrated and bored as a youth and couldn't concentrate in class, the magazine reported on its Web site Sunday.


LG high-def TVs to stream Netflix videos directly

 NEW YORK (AP) — Netflix Inc. has come up with another way to get movies to people without sending DVDs in the mail.

In a partnership announced Monday, LG Electronics will start selling high-definition TV sets that stream Netflix videos directly from the Internet, without an additional device. The deal marks the first time Netflix's streaming service will be embedded in a television.


Travolta family doctor observes son's autopsy

FREEPORT, Bahamas (AP) — A family doctor for John Travolta was observing the autopsy Monday of the actor's teenage son, who died unexpectedly in the family's Grand Bahama island vacation home.

Travolta received permission from the Bahamian government to have his physician attend the procedure, lawmaker Obie Wilchcombe told The Associated Press.


’Marley & Me’ earns $36.3M box office biscuit

LOS ANGELES (AP) — ‘‘Marley & Me’’ is the gift that keeps on taking: The romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson topped the box office with $36.3 million this weekend, a strong follow-up to its record $14.4 million Christmas Day debut.

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