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Horton bags first 9-pointer

altWill Horton killed his first deer while hunting with his uncle over the Thanksgiving holidays, Horton bagged this 9-point buck with an 18-inch antler spread at Buck Creek Ranch near Childress. It scored 195.

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’Marley & Me’ earns $36.3M box office biscuit

LOS ANGELES (AP) — ‘‘Marley & Me’’ is the gift that keeps on taking: The romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson topped the box office with $36.3 million this weekend, a strong follow-up to its record $14.4 million Christmas Day debut.


Hollywood’s happy, even without a record year

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood loves breaking box-office records, yet studio executives aren’t griping that their 2008 lineup will fall a bit shy of the all-time high set a year earlier.


Who am I?

I'm of Chinese decent, born some 2,000 years ago. Legend has it that a cook discovered my power when he happened to mix charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter together, then heated it all in a bamboo tube. I've certainly evolved over time, first becoming a big hit in Europe before putting on a big show twice a year in the U.S. I may be a tad loud, but I sure am pretty!


Who am I?


Last weeks answer: Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer

'40s femme fatale star Ann Savage dies at 87

LOS ANGELES (AP) Ann Savage, who earned a cult following as a femme fatale in such 1940s pulp-fiction movies as "Detour," has died at 87.

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