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TOPIC: The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

The Parthenon, Athens, Greece 6 years 5 months ago #14854

  • StanWright
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I always thought that The Acropolis was that old Greek Temple on the top of that hill in Athens, Greece. Close, I soon discovered it means the highest hill in town... Every city in Greece has one and we walked to the top of most of them.

According to our guide, Acropolis means "highest city" in Greek, literally city on the extremity and is usually translated into English as Citadel. For purposes of defense, early people naturally chose elevated ground to build a new settlement, frequently a hill with precipitous sides. In many parts of the world, these early citadels became the nuclei of large cities.

The Parthenon is that temple on top of the highest hill in Athens. It's a long rough hike to the top, but well worth the effort.

The Parthenon is a temple in the Atheina Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their protector. Its construction began in 447 BC and was completed in 438 BC, although decorations of the Parthenon continued until 432 BC. It is the most important surviving building of Classical Greece, generally considered to be the culmination of the development of the Doric order. Its decorative sculptures are considered some of the high points of Greek art.

A caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head. The Olive trees on the left are believed to be descendents of the original olive tree given to Athens by the Goddess Atheina... 5th Centry BC.

The Caryatides statues that hold up the Porch of the Maidens on the Acropolis.

If your going to visit Greece, plan on doing a lot of walking. (I know what your thinking, and no, it's a LOT MORE WALKING THAN THAT) Next time, I'm taking my hiking boots and a good hiking staff.

The people are wonderful and all speak English. The history is amazing, and the Greek food is fantastic. Yes. I would visit Greece again.
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Re: The Parthenon, Athens, Greece 6 years 5 months ago #14855

  • heartandmind
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stan, those photos really spectacular! and that trip is one i've always dreamed of taking. well done, sir!
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