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T-Ball 6 years 2 weeks ago #13324

  • buckrack8
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T-ball is for kids to learn about baseball and have fun too. It is NOT a place for grownups to cheat and show the kids how to cheat. Have fun and show good sportsmanship
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Re:T-Ball 6 years 1 week ago #13325

  • Gabrovic
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T-ball can be fun for the kids and a learning experience, but I think we've gone over the deep end with "organized" sports. If the child wants it fine, but many kids are there because Mom/Dad thinks it's a good idea. I would like to see more kids go back to sandlot ball and learn to socialize on their own without the pressure to please the folks. Also, as you alluded to, some of the parents get a little nutso at the organized games. I've even had to break up fist fights between the coaches in Little League.

Just my thoughts.
"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." - Frederic Bastiat (19th century French economist)
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Re:T-Ball 6 years 1 week ago #13330

  • trukdoc55
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I agree Gabrovic. Parents need to learn good sportsmanship before it can be passed to their kids. I am not a big sports nut, but I like the idea of teaching kids to be competitive, after all life is competitive and in life there is winners and losers. And there is a lot to be said for being sociable. No point in being competitive if you cannot get along in the workplace.
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Re:T-Ball 6 years 1 week ago #13334

  • muu
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My grand-dau is on a great team this year. They are not winners scorewise, but the coaches are very constructive and never yell at the girls. (Can't say the same a very few parents.)

It is so uplifting when the coaches on both teams high-five the girls for good plays, regardless of which team they are on. Being recognized by an opposing coach for a good throw or hit is a special compliment to most players. Since some of these little ones have never played before this year, the coaches on both sides are teachers of all the kids. It is they who also teach by their own behavior whether they realize it, or not..
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