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TOPIC: Increase in vandalism

Increase in vandalism 4 years 9 months ago #16079

  • new2country
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It's the end of summer, and I suppose the teenagers are getting bored. However, I am seeing more vandalism this year at my store than the last few years. Speaking to other business owners, they had noted this as well. In addition, there has been some lately at the memorial wall & fountain.

Is there a curfew in Sulphur Springs? Do you think there should be?
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Re: Increase in vandalism 4 years 9 months ago #16081

#1-If there isn't a curfew in place, there should be. In a town this size, after the movie theater closes, there is no reason that young people should be out and about, particularly in park areas around the city...and #2- I was apalled to read the City had been handing out colored chalk for kids to mark on sidewalks around the square! Come on?! Did the person responsible for that, not have any idea what putting chalk in unsupervised children's hands would lead to?! They obviously do not have children or they would have known that was not a good idea! How about trying to reign in the misuse of the square area before it gets too far out of hand!? It is beginning to look like a gypsy camp around there with so many people making it their Waterpark Adventure for the day. It the intention of the water fountain was for kids to don their suits and spend the day, the city should have constructed it somewhere else...and somebody ought to be charging admission! Its loud, hard to walk through, and unsightly around the square all day and even past dark. I was anxious to see the fountain at night when completed, but the view was lost in a herd of unruly kids bathing in it. I'd be willing to bet it was not constructed for public bathing, so has the Health Dept/Inspector considered or researched the potential for waterborne illnesses with so much traffic in the fountain? And I don't think moving the Farmer's Market to the area was a good idea either...how is the landscaping going to hold up to heavy foot traffic? The best idea would be for City Officials to nip all this in the bud and get the area back to being a place of Honor to our Heroes; a place of serenity and reflection for visitors to sit and enjoy without having to navigate thru a bunch of shrieking wet children running amuck! :woohoo: :S :(
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Re: Increase in vandalism 4 years 8 months ago #16083

  • Gabrovic
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Well said. I was looking forward to visiting the monument, but my interest has now "dampened."
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Re: Increase in vandalism 4 years 8 months ago #16084

  • lighthousecollector
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I disagree. I personally love seeing the downtown area coming back to life. I love driving through anytime of the day and seeing families enjoying the area. I do agree that maybe the chalk idea was not a good one, however, if parents would educate their children about respect for the monument the 'problem' might just be taken care of. Remember, the new square is just that, new. Some of the novelty will soon wear off and school is starting soon, so there won't be so many kids downtown during the day.

Gabrovic, please don't let comments keep you from visiting the downtown. It is beautiful and I have not had any problems walking or driving around the square since the improvements.

And New2country - I agree if there is not a curfew there should be. I was woke up to a ringing doorbell at 2am about a month ago. Kids in the neighborhood just 'having fun' that should have been in bed.
Guilt is concerned with the past. Worry is concerned about the future. Contentment enjoys the present.
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