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Modern Horror Story: Tana French brings ‘Broken Harbor’ to full fright


    With the release of her fourth book, Tana French has given her readers a modern horror story worthy of Steven King, Dean Koontz or Anne Rice.


Beasts of the Southern Wild - Stunning debuts shine in brilliant, provocative film

Journeyman Pictures’ latest release, “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” offers a powerful, gritty and at times, gruesome look at how people on the fringe of society make their way in the world.


The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent in Ancient Mexico: A Review


    A pair of imposing sandaled feet (see photo at left) greet visitors to the Dallas Museum of Art’s current exhibit, The Legacy of the Plumed Serpent in Ancient Mexico. The rest of the Atlantid warrior is missing, but it’s not hard to imagine his larger-than-life-sized square, thick body standing guard near the gates of a long lost city or temple.


The Trishas: Finding harmony and balance

When Savannah Welch asked three of her friends to sing with her at a 2009 tribute to her father, songwriter Kevin Welch, none of them expected that in just two short years, they would be performing with some of their musical heroes and releasing their first record.


Nameless Detective: This time, the case is personal


Writer Bill Pronzini has been at his craft since 1966, so he knows his way around a mystery. For years, his protagonist was known only as “The Nameless Detective.” In the past few volumes, however, Nameless has fallen in love, gotten married to a lovely woman named Kerry and has been identified as Bill. Bill lives and works in and around the San Francisco area. He worked alone for years, but has recently taken on a couple of partners.  

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