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Jazz, the Great American Songbook and Don Henley: Scottish siren Carol Kidd shares her musical passions

Inspiration for feature articles can come from the most unexpected places. On the way home a couple of weeks ago, I was tuned into Seriously Sinatra, Channel 75 on Sirius-XM radio, when I heard a girl singer doing a really soft, sensuous take on Frank Sinatra’s signature saloon ballad “Angel Eyes.”

Elizabeth Berg on writing: It’s magical. I’m just the typist.

When Elizabeth Berg sat down to begin her latest book, she found herself in every writer’s worst nightmare: She was blocked. The author of over 20 books, including “Talk Before Sleep,” “Open House” and “The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted” couldn’t come up with a story.


‘Terminator Salvation’: Edge-of-your-seat action with an existential twist

Yes,“Terminator Salvation” is a high-adrenaline action-adventure film with robots, car chases and — of course — gargantuan explosions. But at the core of this sci-fi flick is a surprising hope for the resilience of what makes us human: our souls. Yet “Terminator Salvation” is also a visceral tale of humanity.


Be afraid. Be very afraid. ‘The Scarecrow’ cometh

When Michael Connelly sat down to write “The Scarecrow,” his second book about journalist Jack McEvoy, he didn’t have to do much research. He was writing what he knows.


Buckled up inside: Life-threatening injuries leave rising jazz star Melody Gardot with limitations – and a grateful heart

When she was 19, Philadelphia singer/songwriter Melody Gardot was involved in an accident that damaged both her body and her brain. A car struck her as she was riding her bicycle, although she can’t remember why or where she was pedaling to. The accident left her with  a fractured pelvis and damaged her spine.

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