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Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Hopkins (TXC223) Texas Issued by the National Weather Service


There's something good here . . .

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There’s something good here . . .

Even with all the partisan politics, talk radio and vitriol coming from both sides of the aisle, this is still the best country on the planet. For the most part, we’re hard working, honest, dependable people who support one another in good times and bad. If, for one minute, you doubt this, come to the courthouse square Saturday evening and see one of the most beautiful monuments anywhere in America. The Hopkins County Veterans Memorial Committee has been singular in the their focus to bring us a first-rate work of art that honors those who served.


No, thank you. I will not be reviewing the book.

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A big time publicist, who will remain nameless, sent me an advance reading copy of a novel due out this fall. I didn't ask for it, but I like this press rep, and she's been really nice to a small market reviewer like me, so I gave the book a whirl.


Add me to the growing list of Peyroux fans

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Count me as a new convert to the increasing number of people who think Madeleine Peyrox (Pey - roux) is one of the great talents on the jazz scene. Have enjoyed her records for several years, but gained a whole new appreciation for her gifts after seeing her perform at the AT&T's Wyly Theatre Thursday night.


The Screen Door: Second visit does not disappoint

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My first trip to the Screen Door in Dallas' bustling arts district was so much fun I decided to try it again. Pat Lawrence and I dined there before the Madeleine Peyrox show at the Wyly Theatre Thursday night.


Kerry Wood walks off into the sunset

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It's a shame all sports heroes don't get the end their careers like Kerry Wood.


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